It's August and I hope all of you have enjoyed your summer so far. As somebody who grew up in California, I look very forward did this time of year.  Let me update you on how things are going so far.
I have started visiting Clubs, in particular fundraisers like Perth's Rib Fest and Nepean-Kanata's 50th anniversary. Additionally, I started my official Club visits earlier this month in the Tri-Lakes area of New York followed by the clubs in the Kingston area. My goal is still to get as many DG visits completed prior to the District Conference on Friday the 1st and Saturday the 2nd of November.  I plan to complete any remaining Club visits by the end of December.
Speaking of the Conference, I'd like to give you an update of what is planned for our annual two-day District Conference starting on Friday, 1 November, with the Council of Governors' meeting for a boat ride among the scenic 1000 Islands at the Harbor Hotel in Clayton, New York.  It is a breathtaking facility with a phenomenal view of the St. Lawrence Seaway.
The Islands of The Bahamas Need Your Help
As Hurricane Dorian was raging through Abaco yesterday, leaders of District 7020, the Disaster Network of Assistance Action Group and neighbouring Rotary Districts in Zone 33-34 gathered to formulate plans for the recovery efforts they knew would be needed the very next day.
The team is on alert and will be meeting on a very regular basis, confirming the status of Rotarians and clubs and monitoring the immediate and longer-term needs. Our experience of the storms of 2017 will serve us well as we head into another year of returning these islands to their former beauty.
Although the brunt of the storm was borne by the northern islands of the archipelago, much of the area, including Nassau, New Providence, continues to experience heavy rainfall and flooding. 
For the latest information on UN Day, go to
On behalf of Rotary’s Representatives to the United Nations/ New York, we are pleased to share that our New York team has begun planning for Rotary Day at the United Nations - scheduled for 9 November at the United Nations Secretariat. As you may be familiar with past UN Days, I want to alert you to some changes and ask your assistance in sharing information with Rotary members who may express concerns.
First, due to increasingly tight security measures, the UN has limited the number of rooms it permits for civil society/ general public events – particularly during the period of the UN General Assembly which runs from September through December.  Regrettably, there is no longer sufficient “UN-authorized” space for two programs. We will instead include Rotaractors and other young professionals in our one UN Day program.

The Thousand Islands is THE Place to Be!

Our District Conference is shaping up as one of the best in years...we'll be hearing from a Canadian Rotary Rep to the United Nations and learn how engaged we are with international projects and decisions for Peace and World Understanding as well as Rotary's engagement with its formation.  Get motivated with an energetic Leadership Coach who stimulates everyone while providing us with ideas for our clubs as well as ourselves.  

Of special note is the RI President Mark Maloney's Representative to our Conference: Past RI Vice-President and Director, Dean Rohrs.  Her vitality and uplifting messages and guidance will be of special note!

Join us Friday, November first beginning at 3:30pm and Saturday, November second at the 1000 Islands Harbor Hotel in Canton, NY.  We'll even have a Friday Foundation Turkey Dinner with Entertainment as an option for just $10US.  Make your choice of registration package below.  


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2019 District 7040 Conference/
2019 Conférence de District 7040

Harbor Hotel Resort, Clayton, NY
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November 1-2, 2019 / 1 au 2 novembre 2019

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