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Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Olena Morhun fled with three of her children and made her way to Puławy, Poland. There they were welcomed by Krystyna Wilczyńska-Ciemięga, one of many Rotary members who have opened their homes to refugees.

Rotary Projects Around the Globe - October 2022

Learn how Rotary clubs are taking action in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Nigeria, and New Zealand.

A new weapon against polio

A modified vaccine offers hope that eradication is closer than ever.

Register now for World Polio Day 2022

Register now for World Polio Day 2022World Polio Day 2022 and Beyond: A healthier future for mothers and children, will be held virtually and in-person on 21-22 October in Geneva, Switzerland. The event will highlight the status of polio eradication and address the

Mobile clinic delivers free healthcare for Wisconsin’s underserved communities

Rotary clubs in District 6250 (Wisconsin and Minnesota, USA) have donated a mobile clinic to St. Clare Health Mission, a community organization in La Crosse, Wisconsin, that provides primary and specialty health care services at no cost for those without access to insurance.

Octobre est le mois où, en tant que Rotariens, nous faisons tous un effort supplémentaire pour nous unir et se mobiliser pour collecter des fonds pour l'éradication du virus de la polio sur notre planète. Il y a 35 ans que ce projet a vu le jour et nous sommes si près de réaliser cette incroyable mission et ce défi que nous avons entrepris. Le Rotary International a été en mesure de rassembler des dirigeants du monde entier, des organismes gouvernementaux aux institutions privées, pour relever les défis les plus difficiles du monde, localement et mondialement. Nous avons pu vacciner plus de 2,5 milliards d'enfants dans plus de 122 pays à travers le monde. Avec reconnaissance, nous remercions les nombreux volontaires qui, au péril de leur vie, continuent d'administrer le vaccin aux enfants vulnérables dans les zones reculées et en conflit de l'Afghanistan et du Pakistan. Ces deux pays étant les derniers où des cas ont été signalés, j'espère que nous, Rotariens, pourrons voir notre rêve d'un monde sans poliomyélite se réaliser dans un avenir très proche. Nous devons poursuivre nos efforts pour éliminer à jamais cette maladie.
October is the month when we all as Rotarians make the extra mile to band together and push to fundraise for the eradication of the Polio virus on our planet. We began this journey 35 years ago and we are so near to achieving this incredible mission and challenge that we have undertaken. Rotary International has been able to bring leaders from all over the globe from governmental bodies to private institutions to get together to take on the world’s toughest challenges, locally and globally. We have been able to immunize more than 2.5 billion children in over 122 countries around the world. With gratitude, we thank the many volunteers who at the risk of their lives continue to administer the vaccine to vulnerable children in the remote and conflict areas of Afghanistan and Pakistan, the latter being the last two remaining countries where cases have been reported, I hope that we, Rotarians, get to see our dream of a Polio-free world come true in the very near future. We must continue in our efforts to clear this disease forever.
Take action for World Polio Day: 24 October
Every year, the Rotary community mobilizes for World Polio Day to raise awareness about global efforts to end polio for good. If we stay committed, we can make polio the second human disease ever to be eradicated.

How can you take part in this year’s World Polio Day? 
Host an event or activity. The Rotary Club of Adliya and the Rotaract Club of Bahrain planned a World Polio Day yoga event for women to raise awareness about polio in their community.

Plan a fundraiser. The OKC Midtown Rotary Club in Oklahoma, U.S., held a bocce ball tournament to raise funds for End Polio Now.    
Post on social media. Use the assets in the World Polio Day Toolkit to help spread the word about World Polio Day and the importance of polio eradication.

However you decide to get involved, register your club’s participation for World Polio Day! Do so by 13 October and you’ll get early access to Rotary’s Global Update one week before World Polio Day. The program is scheduled to be shown on 24 October on Rotary’s Facebook page and endpolio.org.
Tell us about your club's participation
Monday, October 24, 2022 is World Polio Day. In 1985, Rotarians made a pledge to all of the children of world to make the eradication of polio worldwide our number one commitment. This is a promise that includes Rotarians and Rotaractors everywhere and particularly, it calls upon members of District 7040 to mobilize in support of this effort and encourage their Interact and Earlyact clubs to join in. Here are some suggestions:
  1. Clubs are encouraged to register the activities they have planned in support of World Polio Day. Register those activities before October 13 at https://www.endpolio.org/register-your-event?
  2. Encourage Rotarians, Rotaractors and Friends of Rotary to join the PolioPlus Society.  This involves pledging a minimum of $100 USD annually to the PolioPlus Fund of The Rotary Foundation until polio has been declared eradicated. Register your intention with PDG Bette Miller at bette.miller@cornwallsunriserotary.com . Contributions by Canadian donors, https://trfcanada.org/  and US donors https://my.rotary.org/en/donate. Promote the 2:1 match Rotary received from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
After a two-year hiatus due to COVID, the Rotary Ottawa South Charity golf tournament was held on Monday September 26. Originally scheduled for June 6, it was postponed due to the windstorm that blew through Ottawa a couple days prior. Over 1200 trees were felled at the Ottawa Hunt and Golf Club by the violent storm. They temporarily closed the course and focused on returning the grounds to pristine condition in preparation for the LPGA tournament held there in August. Despite many delays, we were graced with a first-class facility in prime condition and lovely, occasionally sunny, late September weather.
We were thrilled to partner with the Boys and Girls Club (BGC) Ottawa this year and look forward to an ongoing relationship. BGC Ottawa positively impacts more than 5,000 youth in our city. They provide more than healthy food, sports, training, peer support ... they provide opportunity and the prospect for a better future. Improving outlooks for youth, their families and our city. BGC Ottawa was truly a partner in this event, participating with a foursome and many volunteers to help make the day a success. 
On September 25th, the Rotary Club of Ottawa Bytown Car Rally took place.  The Club partnered with the Ottawa Home Foundation to raise funds and have fun in a nice event that allowed participants to enjoy the Ottawa landscape while performing tasks with family and friends.  This year the path took participants to visit great places along the Rideau Canal.  At Merrickville , participants were able to enjoy the beautiful town while learnings about its historic background.  The Rally started at the Ottawa Rotary Home and ended at the same place, where participants and organizers enjoyed drinks and snacks while sharing their adventures during the Rally.
The Club gives special thanks to the sponsors which included:  Carp Self Storage, Morris Home Hardware, Ampos Orthopaedics and Pilypaitis Nobbs Wealth Management Group.  Thanks is extended to donors:  L.A. and Bill Palamar, Manotick Place Retirement and Miller Apartments, Baldachin Restaurant and Inn, Rocco Disipio, Production Case Company, Bushtukah, Charles Mossman, Benjamin Butmir and Scott Vetter.
The Rotary Club of Lake Placid has placed two of three bus shelters, culminating a three-year project from concept to design to funding, construction and placement.  While glass and signage remains to be installed, these bus shelters we believe will be welcomed by those waiting for the village trolleys and school busses, especially in the winter. Our bus shelter committee interacted with local elected officials and the NY State Department of Transportation in selecting locations that would have good utilization and be placed in a safe spot for users.  We thank the Town of North Elba and Village of Lake Placid as these entities will assume on-going maintenance and care for the structures.
Recently I received this question from an Area Governor: “Is there a hard and fast rule about what documents should be kept for club records?  I have at least one club asking after discovering boxes of past documents.”
To be honest, I've never come across that question before. I know in Canada the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) wants you to keep financial documents for 7 years. The US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) wants you to keep financial documents for 6 years from the tax year that you are working on, so it is basically the same.  DG Michel and I have talked about this, and we are going to be getting rid of some of the old records in our district storage locker.
What should be kept by the club are the records of police checks, club certification documents, etc. When we started down this road in 2004, clubs decided that they would keep their own records. You've probably heard of cases where someone is accused of sexual assault years and years after the event. If you have the records to prove that you did everything possible to keep youth and vulnerable persons safe, there should be no question. If you do not have those records, it could be problematic.
Read about some inspiring student experiences, what it’s like to host exchange students, and how some exchanges have helped transform students into leaders in their communities.

If you want to see the direct impact of Rotary Youth exchange on both participants and adult volunteers, or if you’ve been searching for a glimpse of the program to show to others, this page is for you.
In my everyday life just like in Rotary, I wear many hats: mom, stepmom, wife, teacher, avid reader, Literacy Chair, member of the DEI committee, and more. Since July of 2021 I have had the pleasure of becoming the Literacy Chair for this district, which has allowed me to share my passion for education, literacy, reading, and books with fellow Rotarians, Rotaractors, family, and friends. As such, I decided to start a book club (the Diverse Book Club) that would be accessible (online), open, and free to all, and that would be inclusive by focusing on questions inspired by varied pieces of writing from an array of authors, genres, themes, etc. You can participate even if you haven’t read the book!
As the first organization to envision a polio-free world through mass immunization of children, Rotary believes the decision to vaccinate is a humanitarian imperative. The Rotary International Board of Directors and Rotary Foundation Trustees believe that:
1) Global vaccination is the path to ending the pandemic, and we strongly encourage vaccination for all individuals, including our members.
2) Misinformation hinders the fight against COVID-19, and we are committed to providing our members with science-based information.
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