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October 29-31, 2021
DisCon 2020
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Holger Knaack
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Telemedicine is expanding the reach of health care

For patients who lack options, a virtual visit can mean the difference between going with or without care.

In communities with no services, incremental steps can go a long way

When Rotary members tried to bring toilets to a remote island, the population wasn’t ready.

The future: What can we expect when we get there?

As we stand at the threshold of the third decade of the 21st century, imagine where we’re

Why Rotarians should engage with program alumni

When clubs cultivate relationships with Rotary alumni, both sides benefit.

The sad truth about altruism is that there aren’t enough altruists

The people who fill the truly essential roles in society are often in short supply

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This would be an excellent time to assess your club's Vocations.
  • Conduct vocation-related activities and programs.
  • How can your members share information on their vocations?
  • Create a "yellow pages" or a club directory so members can do business with each other.
  • Share your creative ideas for promoting Vocational Service with clubs, district and the Governor.
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April 1, 1921 is the official date that the Rotary Club of Kingston was registered by Rotary International, which makes 2021 the 100th year of Rotary in Kingston. There are now four Rotary clubs in Kingston: Kingston (1921), Kingston-Frontenac (1965), Cataraqui-Kingston (1985) and Kingston Waterfront (2015) and two Rotaract clubs: Queen’s Rotaract (1985) and Kingston Rotaract (2020). All told, there are almost 200 members of the Rotary family here.
Rotarians from all clubs began planning for this celebration three years ago with a goal to celebrate our past service and offer anniversary contributions to our community. Then Covid-19 happened. Since Rotarians fully understand how to pivot and address community needs, we redirected our energy to assisting people most impacted by the lockdown. Since April, 2020, we have delivered healthy food to vulnerable children and their families and made masks for frontline workers and others who need them.
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Our District is offering 500 Paul Harris Recognition Points to any Rotarian who signs up with Rotary Direct between January first and February 23rd, Rotary’s birthday. That’s halfway to a Paul Harris Fellow for you before you even begin to donate!
Ask your Club President or Foundation Chair to share the form they received over the holidays or check here https://my.rotary.org/en/rotary-direct .  You can choose any program or area of focus you desire.  There is also an FAQ information sheet they have which you may ask for to clarify any questions you have.
All Recognition Points will be credited during this Rotary year in March or April, allowing for processing your enrollment.

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Participate in whatever way is most comfortable to you! This year’s District Conference will be available both in-person and on-line.

In-Person: District Conference 2021 will take place at Auberge des Gallant in Ste. Marthe, Quebec. Participants will have opportunity to attend plenary sessions, break out sessions, enjoy the House of Friendship and Silent Auction, mingle, and catch up.

On-line: For those who prefer to participate on-line, they will have live access to plenary sessions and separate break out sessions and interactive sessions with others who are participating online.

Please note that all current Covid-19 protocols will be followed at the time of the conference. Should restrictions be such that an in-person conference is not feasible, adjustments will be made, and the conference will be held entirely online.

Watch the video here: https://1drv.ms/v/s!AvLX-PL3H7zig5UZgLmqOWQlrqXIvg?e=OKmF1B

Early Bird deposit half of your registration CAD until Feb. 28. You have a choice of paying the deposit now, and the balance later, or paying the full amount at once before June 1.
Dépôt lève-tôt 1/2 CAD de votre inscription jusqu’au 28 février. Vous avez le choix de payer le dépôt et le solde plus tard ou de payer la totalité du montant à la fois avant le 1er juin.
WIN 1/2 OFF YOUR REGISTRATION FEE WHEN YOU REGISTER from January 4-30, 2021. You will be entered into a draw to WIN 1/2 OFF your early bird registration. For every 10 registrations one registrant will win a 1/2 off. Draw will take place on Sunday, January 31, 2021. You can register now. For information go to https://rotary7040.com/sitepage/discon-2021/
GAGNEZ 1/2 DE VOS FRAIS D’INSCRIPTION LORSQUE VOUS VOUS INSCRIVEZ du 4 au 30 janvier 2021. You sera inscrit à un tirage au sort pour GAGNER 1/2 OFF votre inscription aux lève-tôt. Pour 10 inscriptions, un inscrit gagnera un 1/2 de moins. Le tirage aura lieu le dimanche 31 janvier 2021. Vous pouvez vous inscrire maintenant. Plus d'information https://rotary7040.com/sitepage/discon-2021/
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Ce ne sont pas tous les clubs ou même tous les rotariens qui croient qu’un énoncé proactif antiracisme soit une nécessité en ce moment.  Malgré cela, le Rotary International a émit un énoncé [1] affirmant l’engagement du Rotary envers l’antiracisme.  Les clubs peuvent utiliser cet énoncé comme source d’inspiration pour des discussions, ou un modèle pour développer leur propre énoncé reflétant leur communauté locale.  
Plusieurs rotariens pourraient penser qu’ils ne sont pas biaisés, mais nous avons tous des partis pris à l’intérieur de nous. Le Harvard Implicit Bias project [2] (en anglais) offre des tests gratuits en ligne afin de découvrir vos partis pris cachés.   Que faire lorsqu’un test scientifique révèle que vous avez un certain parti pris envers un groupe en particulier ?
Please share the poster as widely as possible and invite everyone you know who may be interested.  January is a great time of need for those who with food insecurities.
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Ricochet's mission is to create housing resources for young people between the ages of 18 and 35 who are experiencing residential instability in the West Island. Rotary Club of Old Montreal is helping Ricochet achieving its objective and achieve their goals:
Gather together, virtually, and tour the garden of our host, Rossi Birt from Colombia, January 19, 4 pm EST. Wear some flowery clothes or have a flower in your hair, have a drink and be ready to sing and dance.
Rassemblez-vous virtuellement et visitez le jardin de notre hôte, Rossi Birt de Colombie, le 19 janvier, 16:00 EST. Portez des vêtements fleuris ou ayez une fleur dans les cheveux, prenez un verre et soyez prêt à chanter et danser. 
There are many things happening during the COVID-19 outbreak.
Il se passe beaucoup de choses durant l'épidémie COVID-19.
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