We have raised over 14 thousand USD so far!

We need your help because Rotary is at risk of losing this year's full matching contribution to the Polio Fund from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The Rotary year ends 30 June so please donate now.
Join the district challenge! When Kingston area Rotarians learned of the funding shortfall, they generously offered to match personally any new Polio Fund contributions made by members of their clubs this Rotary year up to a total of $500. The club board then agreed to do the same. And then, other Rotarians joined the challenge. You can too!
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Earning the Rotary Citation is an honor that RI President Barry Rassin hopes clubs strive to achieve. To earn the citation, please complete all activities and report your accomplishments to Rotary by 30 June. Click to learn more about how to earn a Club or Rotaract Citation and how to nominate an Interact or Earlyact club for a citation.

What does it take to change the culture of a club, of a Rotary district, of a Rotary Zone, of Rotary International, of the world? Courage! If you care about the future of Rotary, a webinar worth watching.

Inspiring Conversations & Exciting Connections!
What are the hallmarks of a healthy Rotary Club, and how do we foster the ideal conditions for a vital and engaged membership?  Conference participants joined in a professionally facilitated dialogue across all generations of Rotary (from Interact to Honorary Rotarians) on the opportunities and potential that lie ahead for our organization, discussing the ongoing value, relevance, and accessibility of Rotary.
Rotary Showcase is a great place to be inspired and find project ideas, as well as share success stories. District 7040 clubs are doing good in their communities and around the world.
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