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Acronyms used in Rotary
As we converse or communicate in other ways in the world of Rotary, we hear and see many abbreviations. Here are a few with their meanings:
General Terms
AGM – Annual General Meeting
BLIND - Bring Light in Darkness   
MOP - Manual of Procedure (applies at all levels of Rotary)
OD - Official Directory (RI)
RI - Rotary International as well as the various offices at headquarters
SRT - ShelterBox Response Team
VOIP – Voice over Internet Protocol
YIR - Yours in Rotary
YIRS - Yours in Rotary Service
Club & District Related Terms
AG - Assistant Governor, but in our district we call them Area Governor
AM - Active member
CDS – Club and District Support (RI), also called CDA – Club and District Assistance
CR - ClubRunner
DG - District Governor
DGE - District Governor Elect
DGN - District Governor Nominee
DGND - District Governor Nominee Designate
DLP - District Leadership Plan
DLT - District Leadership Team
DMC - District Membership Chair
DT - District Trainer
DTA - District Training Assembly
HM – Honorary Member
ID – your Rotary ID number that tracks you with RI forever
IPDG - Immediate Past District Governor
IPP - Immediate Past President
LOA - Leave Of Absence
P - President
PDG - Past District Governor
PE - President Elect
PETS - President Elect Training Series (or Seminar)
PN – President Nominee (now vice president)
PP - Past President
RC - Rotary Club
RCC - Rotary Club Central or Rotary Community Corps
RFSM - Rotary Foundation Sustaining Member
RINO - Rotarian in Name Only (slang)
RLI - Rotary Leadership Institute
Rtn - Rotarian
SAR - Semi Annual Report (Club to RI)
Rotary Foundation & International Related
3-H – Health, Hunger and Humanity (a discontinued program)
AKS - Arch Klumph Society (acronym not commonly used in reference to this recognition)
APF - Annual Program Fund
CAP - Community Assistance Program (obsolete)
CRCID – Canadian Rotary Collaboration for International Development
CRS - Club Recognition Summary
DDF - District Designated Fund (Share Program)
DGMS – District Grant Management Seminar (not commonly used in D7040)
DFATD – Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development (Canada)
DRFC - District Rotary Foundation Chair
DSA - Distinguished Service Award
DSG – District Simplified Grant
EREY - Every Rotarian Every Year
GG - Global Grant
GSE – Group Study Exchange (a discontinued program)
MCR – Monthly Contribution Report
MG – Matching grant
MPHF - Multiple Paul Harris Fellow (not commonly used)
NGO - Non-government organization
NID - National Immunization Day (Polio Eradication)
PHF - Paul Harris Fellow
PHS - Paul Harris Society
PsF - Projects Fair
RRFC - Regional Rotary Foundation Coordinator
TRF - The Rotary Foundation
VTT - Vocational Training Team
Youth Services Related Terms
NAYEN - North American Youth Exchange Network
NG - New Generations (still used but falls under Youth Service)
ROTEX - Organization of Past Rotary Exchange Students
RYE - Rotary Youth Exchange
RYLA - Rotary Youth Leadership Award
RYPEN - Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment
STEP – Short Term Exchange Program
STYEP - Short Term Youth Exchange Program
YEO - Youth Exchange Officer
YEP or YEX - Youth Exchange Program
Beyond the District – Zone Level (D7040 is in Zone 28 & paired with Zone 32)
RIMZC - Rotary International Membership Zone Coordinator
RRIMC - Regional Rotary International Membership Coordinator
ZCC - Zone Challenge Coordinator
Rotary International Level
COL - Council on Legislation
IA - International Assembly
IC - International Committee or International Convention
PRID - Past Rotary International Director
PRIP - Past Rotary International President
PPRIBI - Past President Rotary International Britain and Ireland
PRIVP - Past Rotary International Vice President
RIBI - Rotary International Great Britain and Ireland
RID - Rotary International Director
RIDE - Rotary International Director Elect
RIP - Rotary International President
RIP Rep - Rotary International President Representative
RITS - Rotary International Travel Service
RIVP - Rotary International Vice President
Rotary Action Groups (RAG) & Fellowships
DRRAG - Disaster Relief Rotary Action Group
RAGM – Rotary Action Group for Microfinance & Community Development
WASRAG – Rotary Action group for Water & Sanitation
ICUFR - International Computer Users Fellowship of Rotarians
RGHF - Rotary Global History Fellowship
ROTI - Rotarians on The Internet
ROSNF - Rotarians on Social Networks Fellowship
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