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This year, RI President R. Gordon R. McInally is encouraging Rotary members to create a culture of care, both within Rotary and around the world, by making mental health a priority. In a caring culture, leaders and members focus on helping each other thrive. 

That makes August — Membership and New Club Development Month — the perfect time to evaluate your club’s culture and adjust it if needed. Members are more likely to stay if their club experience is fulfilling. Use these ideas to help members feel involved, valued, and cared for:
  • Communicate with people at every stage of their membership. If members think their experience in the club can be improved, take action to make changes. You can also use these two surveys to learn more about what members are thinking:
    1. The member interest survey will help you understand what new and prospective members care about and how they want to contribute. 
    2. The member satisfaction survey (or an online version) can be distributed each year to all members. 
By asking for feedback regularly and responding to it, you show that you’re open to change, and you empower members to be involved in creating their ideal club experience.
  • Use the Club Health Check to identify areas where your club could improve and determine how to keep your club relevant for members and the community. 
  • Take the Creating an Inclusive Club Culture course to discover ways for your club to become more inclusive, diverse, and equitable. Remember that for any Learning Center course, you’ll need a My Rotary account. 
You can also find more membership resources on My Rotary.
Leveraging Local Events to Grow Rotary: A Membership and Marketing Guide for district leaders is now available. It explains each step of creating a strategic plan to turn the increased interest that comes from big Rotary events into membership growth. You’ll find tips for creating a strong leadership team, getting clubs ready for growth, planning promotions, and approaching prospective members. The guide also has links to these new resources:
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We are proud to be members of the world's oldest service club, founded in 1905, and to be associated with its strong record of local and international community service.
For Prospective Members:
You are encouraged to introduce yourself to your local club, which can be identified through the Clubs Directory. Contact information is provided for each club, as well as meeting location, day and time. We would be pleased to talk to you about Rotary and how you too may become a member of our international service organization.

For Current Rotarians:
Extensive membership resources are available in the Membership section of the Rotary International website. Our club membership spans generations and professions, building personal connections that use trust and respect to close the generation gap. Welcome younger professionals into your club with the Emerging Leaders Toolkit. You will also find useful resource documents available through the menu at left.

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