Telling Our Story

Providing a clear, consistent image of Rotary — what we stand for and how we differ from other charitable organizations — we can attract prospective members, inspire a donor to give, and motivate people to act. The tireless efforts of Rotarians makes Rotary the wonderful organization that it is, with a positive impact in communities around the world. It’s up to all of us to communicate our Rotary story to the world.

Telling Stories

A long time ago Gregory Bateson told the story: "There was once a man who had a computer, and he asked it, "Do you compute that you will ever be able to think like a human being?" And after assorted grindings and beepings, a slip of paper came out of the computer that said, "That reminds me of a story . . . " Computers no longer answer with slips of paper. But, the point that human beings are story tellers and story participants is universally true. Most decisions are informed by emotional response; and stories, not facts, generate emotional response.

The Rotary Brand Center

Resources for delivering a clear and compelling message that conveys what Rotarians do and how people can engage with Rotary are available at Rotary's Brand Center, including messaging and visual guidelines; answers to the most commonly asked questions on the FAQ page, high-resolution logos and graphics, and editable templates and customisable materials to promote clubs and projects.
YouTube Channel
This picture and many videos are available on Rotary's YouTube channel for use on your club's website and Facebook pages. You can also edit your own videos using YouTube’s Editor to mix video’s, still pictures, add music and create title slides. Just establish a YouTube account for your club and go to: