Club Insurance is provided for U.S. clubs under Rotary International's master policy and is billed by and paid directly to Rotary International. There are some new documents on the left for US clubs about exclusions and limitations to the liability insurance.
Clubs in Canada are covered under a separate policy and are billed for this coverage by the District at the beginning of each year. 
Les clubs au Canada sont couverts par une police distincte et sont facturés pour cette couverture par le district au début de chaque année.

Wilson M Beck Insurance Services
3-550 Lorne Street
Kamloops, BC, V2C 1W3 236-425-1770
Main Contacts / contacts principaux:
Rob Lemire, CAIB             
Anne Hogg, CAIB 
Trish Rosenau     
With every insurance policy there are limitations and exclusions to coverage. For easy reference we have provided information on the left. For further enquiries, please email Rob & Anne at the email addresses above.
If you need a certificate of insurance, or event coverage allow at least 2-3 weeks.
  • Increase to $5 Million coverage for Directors & Officers Liability for the coming term, versus $2 Million coverage previously included. (NO ADDITIONAL PREMIUM)
  • Clarity on International Projects – In my dealings I have found that in both the US Insurance Program and this one, there has always been some ambiguity as to the coverage for Rotarians when doing projects abroad.  Going forward the insurance company has agreed to review every oversea project on a case by case basis and formally advise whether they can include coverage or not.  
I am also attaching our revised COVID Planning document and the updated “Covered/Not Covered Events List” for a quick reference for Rotarians.  AS a reminder event coverage falls under 1 of 3 categories when it comes to insurance:
  1. Rotary Events automatically covered with no additional premium associated.
  2. Rotary Events NOT automatically covered and MAY require additional premium or a separate policy
  3. Rotary Events NOT automatically covered and WILL require a separate policy.
As a high level overview of coverage for your reference the following are the limits of coverage included in the insurance program:
  • $5 Million Commercial General Liability ($10 Million Aggregate Limit)- with a $5,000 Deductible
    • Including Host Liquor for listed events – see list of events covered and not covered
  • $5 Million Directors & Officers Insurance - with a $5,000 Deductible
  • $2 Million Abuse Liability - with a $5,000 Deductible
  • $500,000 Cyber Liability (for Canadian and US members) - with a $2,500 Deductible
  • $100,000 in Miscellaneous Property Coverage - with a $1,000 Deductible
  • $30,000 in Crime coverage (monies and securities) - with a $1,000 Deductible
  • $75,000 in Volunteer Accident coverage - with a $1000 Deductible
New Risk Management Tool Kits to be shared with Presidents, Treasurers’ & event committee chairs(see attached):
  • Rotary Event planning checklist
    • List of which events are
      • covered automatically with no additional premium
      • covered, but may require a small premium to extend to the event
      • not covered and will require a separate event policy (which we can assist with)
  • Cash handling checklist
  • Cyber security checklist
Improved communication tools:
  • Shorter, customized for Rotary, insurance application (we still have a separate Cyber Application)
  • One Page “Club Information Sheet” to help us help clubs plan better.
  • A fillable PDF “Certificate of Insurance Request Form” (implemented earlier this year)
  • A new dedicated email address for Rotary – (implemented earlier this year)
We were able to confirm with the insurance company that there is no per member charge for Rotaractors, even though the bylaw change made in November last year gave them member voting status.  This was a tricky task, but we succeeded.  Please note that you should plan for Rotaractors being charged for in the future, however, I will continue to work on keeping this status quo for as long as I can.
The following documents are Now attached for your records and review:
  • Package Policy Documents – Issued by Special Risk Insurance Managers
  • Volunteer Accident Endorsement – Issued by Industrial Alliance Insurance
  • Cyber Risk Policy – Issued by Coalition Inc.
Avec chaque police d'assurance, il y a des limitations et des exclusions à la couverture. Pour une référence facile, nous avons fourni des informations sur la gauche. Pour plus de renseignements, veuillez envoyer un courriel à Rob et Anne aux adresses e-mail ci-dessus.
Si vous avez besoin d'un certificat d'assurance ou d'une couverture d'événement, vous prévoyez au moins 2 à 3 semaines.