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On behalf of Rotary’s Representatives to the United Nations/ New York, we are pleased to share that our New York team has begun planning for Rotary Day at the United Nations - scheduled for 9 November at the United Nations Secretariat. As you may be familiar with past UN Days, I want to alert you to some changes and ask your assistance in sharing information with Rotary members who may express concerns.
First, due to increasingly tight security measures, the UN has limited the number of rooms it permits for civil society/ general public events – particularly during the period of the UN General Assembly which runs from September through December.  Regrettably, there is no longer sufficient “UN-authorized” space for two programs. We will instead include Rotaractors and other young professionals in our one UN Day program.
Second, in keeping with the above decision, we are limiting event participation to age 18 and over. While this was not an easy decision, we want to emphasize, that supporting our youth is a high priority. Should groups be interested in the United Nations, we encourage Interactors or others to explore attending or creating their own Model United Nations program. More information is available
at: . Another option is UNICEF’s Voices of Youth at .
Finally, while space is limited, with President Mark’s emphasis on membership growth, we want to share the good that Rotary does with those who do not yet know Rotary. As such, we are seeking 30 percent non- Rotary affiliated participants to join us for the day. Rotary Day at the United Nations can be an opportunity to introduce prospective members and we will encourage the general public to attend. Indeed, every Rotarian should plan to bring a prospective member with them.
While I recognize the above changes differ from what was traditionally considered the “format” for UN Day, I want to thank you in advance for recognizing and communicating to others that Rotary can no longer keep our good works – or our key events – to ourselves. Kindly work with your clubs or concerned members, as needed, regarding the above points. I and all the members of the New York Planning Team thank you in advance for your understanding and support.
Additional information regarding Rotary Day at the United Nations will be available at in late August. We look forward to a revitalized Rotary Day at the United Nations/ New York and, together, celebrating how the United Nations and Rotary Connects the World.
By Jonathan Allen, Rotary Day at the United Nations Representative
Hello Rotarians and friends of Rotary. I have recently just received from RI the following information:
Saturday November 9, 2019 is the scheduled Rotary Day at the United Nations at the United Nations in New York City. It will be in Conference Room 4, 8:30 am until 4:30 pm. RI is waiting for authorization for this from the United Nations.
The theme is refugees and community oriented. It will be open to all 18 years and older. This will include Rotaractors. The plan now is for 750 spaces. 
RI president’s theme is membership growth and he is encouraging bringing prospective members to the meeting. The registration will be available the end of August and will run until mid-October. There will be a vetting process once the application is submitted. At this time there was no information on the cost.
Check out  for information on previous UN Days. Also check the site out at the end of August for the registration.
A number of years ago I attended Rotary Day at the UN. This was part of a bus tour from Cornwall, Ontario. The tour left on a Thursday and we had Thursday evening to see NYC. Friday morning was the bus touring NYC. Canadian Rotarians visited the Canadian Mission. Friday evening was more of NYC. A play on Broadway, dinner, whatever. Saturday was the day long Day at the UN. The evening was another play or whatever. Back home on Sunday.
I am going to check with the Canadian and United States Missions at the UN as to potential participation in a similar tour. I will forward new information as I receive it.