Posted by Bertrand de Cardaillac, Area Governor
At the moment I am now, until next June 30 AG for Montreal and l’Est de Montréal. I remain on the Extension Committee and with Claude Laliberté we are starting to work on a STRATEGIC PLAN FOR EXTENSION, which is intimately related to club restructuring going on at l’Est de Montréal.
L’EST de MONTRÉAL started the year with two members, President and Sec.-Treasurer, and recruited two more, including a dynamic President-Elect.  Five or more should be joining in the coming days. Dues are paid, intensive training is going on and hopes are high to have a vibrant club within the next two months. L’Est de Montréal’s initial community project is to work with the Community to foster its sense of pride (in reaction to past negative publicity).
MONTREAL is moving along with its involvement with homelessness in collaboration with an organization called Méta-d’Âme specialized in social reinsertion through day center and transition apartments. Nine boxes of food were collected for them and members went with them for a day of volunteering at Moisson Montréal food bank as our way to participate in Rotary Day of Community Service. A Gobal Grant Application is almost ready to go to TRF for a Water (US$153,472) and Sanitation (US$25,000) project in the Sironko Region of Uganda thanks to the support of more than a dozen other clubs.
Clubs and members are being regularly encouraged to get involved in district committees, training and events.