District Conference 2020 Program information


Here are the final links to all sessions for Rotary District 7040's Conference, listed by day, time, and session. All times are Eastern.
There are no passcodes. You'll be admitted through a Waiting Room.
Friday, October 16, 2020
4:00-5:00 PM District  Business Meeting, Meeting ID: 943 2971 5331, https://zoom.us/j/94329715331

7:00-9:00 PM Opening Plenary & Virtual Cocktail Party, Meeting ID: 939 4523 8498, https://zoom.us/j/93945238498


Saturday, October 17, 2020 

10:00-10:45 AM PLENARY, Michael Angelo Caruso, Meeting ID: 969 3447 1794, https://zoom.us/j/96934471794


#1- First Impressions, Michael Angelo Caruso, Meeting ID: 869 6486 3254, https://zoom.us/j/86964863254

#2. Partnering with Youth, Maddy Pawlowski, Meeting ID: 832 5664 6782,   https://zoom.us/j/83256646782

 #3  Innovative Club Models, Maddie Roy, Meeting ID: 84126699109,  https://zoom.us/j/84126699109   

#4. District 7040 Green Initiative, Rick Conney, Meeting ID: 816 5821 7499,  https://zoom.us/j/81658217499

#5   Growing Rotary, PDG Bonnie Black, Meeting ID: 854 7719 7180, https://zoom.us/j/85477197180

12:30 PM -1:15 PM VIRTUAL LUNCH PLENARY, Keynote: Dr. Todd “BowTie” Jenkins, Meeting ID: 977 9189 0911, https://zoom.us/j/97791890911


Sunday, October 18, 2020


#1. Simple Tech Tools to Tell / Share Stories,  Rushton Hurley, Meeting ID: 869-6486 3254,  https://zoom.us/j/86964863254

#2. ABCs and 123s of Rotary, RI Director Valarie Wafer, Meeting ID 832 5664 6782,  https://zoom.us/j/83256646782

#3  Partnerships Open Opportunities, Anna Van Adrichem-Rochon, Meeting ID: 841-2669 9109,  https://zoom.us/j/84126699109

#4  Family Friendly Rotary, Jacinthe Paille & Cynthia Surette, Meeting ID: 816 5821 7499, http://zoom.us/j/81658217499

#5. Same But Different: Rotary and Rotaract, Riley Weymann, Meeting ID: 854 7719 7180, https://zoom.us/j/85477197180

11:00 AM-12:15 PM CLOSING PLENARY RI Director Valarie Wafer, Rushton Hurley, Meeting ID:965 5501 7738, https://zoom.us/j/96555017738


Friday, October 16, 2020

4:00 – 5:00 pm                        District Business Meeting
All District Rotarians are encouraged to attend this meeting where the District Financial Report will be presented and discussed. Additionally, all Club Citations will be announced and honoured as well as any additional District awards!
7:00 – 9:00 pm                        Opening Plenary Session
MC: Jacinthe Paille (D7040 Passport Club)
Join us for an exciting evening of celebration and virtual togetherness to kick off our District Conference!
8:15 – 9:00 pm                        Virtual Cocktail Party
Grab a glass of your favourite beverage! Immediately following the Opening Plenary Session, participants who wish to visit informally with fellow Rotarians may stay on the Zoom session. They will be arbitrarily moved into small groups for informal conversation with fellow participants.
Saturday, October 17, 2020


10:00 – 10:45 am        Plenary Session
MC: Jacinthe Paille (D7040 Passport Club)
Keynote Speaker: Michael Angelo Caruso
The First 15 Seconds: The Amazing Power of First Impressions 
This entertaining keynote speech has delighted audiences on four continents.  15 Seconds was Michael Angelo Caruso’s most requested keynote in the last six months. Michael turns what might be a mundane topic into a lively stage show combining satire, comedy, and storytelling.  Conference and event attendees are immediately taken in by Michael’s conversational delivery style. He works like a thoughtful comedian, moving from bit to bit, easily weaving laughter and learning.  
11:00 – 11:45 am        Morning Breakout Sessions
         #1 – Applications:  How Rotary Can Make the Most of First Impressions
Past District 6380 Governor and incoming Zone 28 Public Image Chair, Michael Angelo Caruso leads us in a discussion on how Rotarians can do better with first impressions.  Have a pen and paper handy as Michael shares strategies for growing your club, raising money, and getting attention for the greatest service organization in the world. 
#2 – Partnering with Youth (Bilingual* Session)
Hear from youth involved in some of our amazing youth programs around the District. From RYLA to Adventures Programs, early Act to Youth exchange… we know that these are programs that change lives – these young people will tell you how it changed them! Host/facilitator will be Maddy Pawlowski (Rotaract Club of Downton Montreal).
#3 – Innovating Club Models (Bilingual* Session)
If there are “no rules” what would/could your ideal Rotary club look like? Join host/facilitator Maddie Roy (Rotaractor and D7040 Passport Club) and take this opportunity to think outside the box about what could be… and how to make that dream a reality!
          #4 – Rotary District 7040 Green Initiative: Adopt a River Campaign
Join us as we explore ways to protect our most important natural resource: water. Work to ensure your community has swimmable, paddle able, and fishable waters in your own backyard. We will provide resources to organizations to help guide you to getting your “feet wet” setting up your own riverkeeper program. Host/facilitator Rick Conney (D7040 Passport Club).
#5 – Growing with Rotary (Bilingual* Session)
We know that we’re supposed to keep members engaged. But what does “engagement” really look like? And how do Rotarians (of all ages!) become engaged and stay engaged? PDG Bonnie Black (RC of Plattsburgh) and Olivier Frasson (Club Rotaract de l’île de Montréal) will host this panel presentation exploring the questions “Why did you join Rotary?” and “Why are you still a Rotarian?”. 
12:30 – 1:15 pm         Virtual Lunch Plenary Session
MC: Jacinthe Paille (D7040 Passport Club)
Keynote Speaker: Todd “Bowtie” Jenkins
From Diversity to Inclusion
Rotary’s theme for 2020-21 is “Rotary Opens Opportunities.” As we are charged to grow Rotary, how do we inspire existing members, connect deeper with our communities, remove barriers, and provide the world with endless Rotary opportunities? According to Todd “Bowtie” Jenkins, "Diversity is inviting everyone to the party. Inclusion is allowing everyone at the party to dance the way they want to dance. That's what I want for Rotary. Let's all continue the dance."
Sunday, October 18, 2020
10:00 – 10:45 am        Morning Breakout Sessions
#1 – Simple Tech Tools for Telling and Sharing Your Rotary Stories
How does your community learn about your club's service? We'll look at the simple and free tool, Adobe Spark Video, as a way to help your members learn how to combine their photos and voices into easy-to-share videos. Along the way, you'll learn about other freely available tools and why they might be useful to you, your club, and your work. Presented by Rushton Hurley who will also be our keynote speaker at the closing plenary session.
#2 – ABC’s and 123’s of Rotary
Ever wondered about what is out there in the Rotary world beyond your club? Wondering if you want to get involved in the larger RI world?  RI Director Valarie Wafer will share her story of Rotary involvement and how she navigated through the organization to become a Rotary International Director.
#3 – Partnerships Open Opportunities
Rotary International has announced a new partnership with Toastmasters. But there are also other organizations out there that are potential partners for your club. Anna Van Adrichem-Rochon (RC of Kemptville) will facilitate this panel discussion with representatives from a variety of service organizations to explore how these partnerships can enrich the work of Rotary.
#4 – Family Friendly Rotary (Bilingual* Session)
We all know that being involved in Rotary is a good thing. But sometimes, the demands of volunteer work, no matter how good and important, feels like it’s taking time away from something even more important – family. There is an answer to this problem. Make your Rotary experience one that involves and includes the whole family! Hosts/facilitators Jacinthe Paille (D7040 Passport Club) and Cynthia Surette (RC of Napanee) will share ideas and tips for a family friendly Rotary.
#5 – Same, But Different: Understanding Opportunities in Connecting Rotary and Rotaract
As Rotary and Rotaract evolve, it is important to recognize the ways in which they interact with and influence each other. True collaboration only happens with constructive dialogue where everyone is heard and respected. 
Please join us as we discuss the changing role of Rotaractors in the district, how to have respectful conversations about collaboration, and how to create sustainable and positive relationships between clubs. Host/facilitator Riley Weymann (Rotaract Club of Ottawa).
*Bilingual session – indicates that the host/facilitator for that session has bilingual capacity and will be able to respond to questions and comments in either French or English.
11:00 – 12:15 pm       Closing Plenary Session
MC: Jacinthe Paille (D7040 Passport Club)
Guest Speaker: RI Director Valarie Wafer
Keynote Speaker: Rushton Hurley
The Fun and Cool of Getting Better as a Rotarian
We all know that we can get better. A cool idea here, an adapted technique there, and soon, we're seeing possibilities for our community that seemed out of reach before. This is as true when we see each other across computer screens as in person. In any medium, one of the best pieces of being in Rotary is learning how to take our heart, talents, and resources to the next level. To that end, we'll take a hard look at how we think of ourselves and explore ways to help our colleagues reconnect with the spark that brought us to Rotary in the first place.