Posted by Jane Courtice-Neocleous, Orléans
The Rotary Clubs of Ottawa have been searching for a more hands-on volunteering opportunity to better serve our local communities and build stronger relationships with our local communities and with each other. Our search is over. Our volunteer initiative to partner with Lionhearts Inc. allows all of this to happen.
What is the impact on the individual member: greater sense of well-being/improved mental health/seeing the results of your effort.
What is the impact for the Club: retain your members/great way to recruit and increase membership.
What is the impact for Rotary: it raises Rotary’s public image.
What is the impact for your local community:  partnerships and working together for a common cause.
PROGRESS TO DATE: April 30, 2024
Number of Clubs that have contacted Lionhearts: 6/11
Barrhaven, Kanata, Ottawa Metro, Orléans, Ottawa South, Ottawa-Stittsville.
Number of Clubs that have made a “field trip” to the Warehouse: 5/11
Barrhaven, Kanata, Metro, Orléans, Ottawa-Stittsville.
Number of Clubs with a “field trip” completed, scheduled, or committed to schedule:  8/11
Ottawa South (May 8), Nepean-Kanata (soon), West Ottawa (May) and the five mentioned above.
Clubs Actively Volunteering: 3/11
Kanata (warehouse work and/or bread rescue every other Wednesday and possibly one more Thursday), Metro (driver to pick up unsold products from Ottawa markets), Barrhaven: Bread rescue every 2nd and 4th Thursday of every month.
Work in Progress: 1/11
Orléans (met with Lionhearts partner Coordinator Tom Murphy from the Capitol City Church Bread Team in Orleans. Travis Blackmore to visit Club, May 8. Capitol City Church Volunteer schedule with times, dates and duties will be available for members to sign at the end of the meeting.)
NOTE: The current Rotary Club total: 11 does not include Hull or Iqaluit.