Posted by Honouring Indigenous Peoples
You may be aware of the historical and spiritual gathering (Covenant of Nations) taking place between the Anishinaabeg Nation and Haudenosaunee Confederacy outside of Syracuse, New York August 2-5, 2022. They have not met together since 1840.
HIP is honoured to be invited to be a part of this happening. The Canadian Co-ordinator and HIP Director is Diane Longboat. Diane is the representative of the Haudenosaunee and Bob Goulais is the representative of the Anishinaabeg.  
HIP is receiving donations on their behalf and have agreed to raise funds from Rotary clubs in the areas in which these Nations reside. This includes your district.
This is an amazing opportunity to strengthen the relationship with the First Peoples by allowing elders and the next generation to attend. Already a number of clubs have recognized this and have donated some money.
It is the aim of the Covenant of Nations organizing committee to send elders and youth to this gathering. However, very few have the resources to go. The cost per elder/youth is $2,500. We are hoping you could contact the clubs to see if they could sponsor an elder/youth. This could be a partial sponsorship for
one or more.
Monies can be sent to:
 HIP (Honouring Indigenous Peoples)
 Attn:  Gyuszi Berki
 10 Walmer Road, Suite 207, Toronto, ON M5R 2W4
In addition to sponsoring youth and elders to attend, donors can choose to support event planning, the Sacred Fire, transportation, feasts, ceremonies or the medicine game (lacrosse). See link for detailed info
This would be a spiritual occasion for some of the elders and help provide youth with a foundation for their further involvement.
The event is in early August and monies could be sent in July/Aug early in the next Rotary year. We do hope you can help move this forward.