Clubs may consider implementing the following measures when setting up this membership category:
1. Approval. A corporate entity or organization can become an eligible corporate member of the Rotary club through an approval process established by the club.
2. Designees. Once an entity becomes an eligible corporate member through the established approval process, it may appoint up to four persons to be its designees, one of whom must be a member of that entity’s senior executive group; the others can be managerial individuals employed full time by the eligible corporation.
3. Changing designees. The club will determine the ability of the eligible corporation to change any of its designees so long as at all times one of them is a member of the eligible corporation’s senior executive group.
4. Inductions. A corporate member designee will be formally inducted into the club as established by the club.
5. Attendance. The attendance requirement for an eligible corporation will be established by the club.
6. Classification. The classification of the eligible corporation and its designees will be established by the club. Because a corporate member is an official member of the Rotary club, this classification will be counted toward the classification limits set forth in the RI Constitution, Article 5, Section 2(b).
7. RI registration. Each designee will be listed as an official member of the Rotary club and will be noted in the roster that they are designees of the named eligible corporation.