Potential members see “WHAT” when they visit your club?  They draw conclusions about the club.  Should they join??
Is your club friendly?  Is your club engaged in community projects?  Do the members seem engaged?
Does your club have a short brochure or business card which describes the club?   Is there a Club bulletin?  Are there member reports about upcoming projects?  Is there evidence that the club has FUN together?  In short “WHAT’S YOUR IMAGE?”
Every Club has a different personality.  There is a regular meeting format, some socializing, some program and some Rotary/Club information.  If the meeting depicts a vibrant club, a friendly club, an engaged club wouldn’t that be a good selling point to a potential member!
 If you were interviewing for a job, how would you act?  The potential member is here to interview your club, so act accordingly, besides the same characteristics apply to member retention as well.
How does your club stack up?  Make “What’s Your Image” an assembly discussion and see what you can learn.