Active and Honorary Membership in Same Club
Members cannot simultaneously hold active and honorary memberships in the same club. However, a person may be an active member of one club and an honorary member of another club.  A satellite club member is also a member of the sponsor club.
Honorary Membership
The procedure for electing honorary members is detailed in article 7, section 6, of the Standard Rotary Club Constitution. Honorary membership is the highest distinction that a club can bestow and should be conferred only in exceptional cases. Clubs should grant honorary membership only as a distinction for meritorious service that embodies Rotary ideals or for permanent support of Rotary’s cause. (RCP 5.010.)
Honorary members are exempt from paying admission fees and dues, may not vote, and may not hold any office in the club. Such members do not hold classifications but are entitled to attend all meetings, wear the RI emblem, badge, or other RI insignia, and enjoy all the other privileges of the club. No honorary member of a club is entitled to any rights or privileges in any other club, except for the right to visit other clubs without being the guest of a Rotarian. Individuals may hold honorary membership in more than one club. (RIB 4.050.2.; SRCC 7, 6)
Honorary membership shall automatically terminate at the end of the term for such membership as determined by the board. However, the board may extend an honorary membership for an additional period. The board may revoke an honorary membership at any time.