Call for applications for Global Grant Scholarship for the academic year 2018-19.
District 7040 will offer one Global Grant Scholarship in the academic year 2018-19. The scholarship will be awarded according to the criteria of the Rotary Global Grant Scholarships. The successful candidate in this competition will be awarded a non-renewable, one-year scholarship to a maximum of $30,000 USD for the first year of studies at the Master's degree level in one of the six designated areas of study as identified by Rotary International's project criteria:
  1. Peace and conflict resolution/prevention 
  2. Disease prevention and treatment 
  3. Water and sanitation 
  4. Maternal and child health 
  5. Basic education and literacy 
  6. Economic and community development
The successful candidate must meet the following requirements: 
  1. the candidate must meet the criteria as set by the Global Grant Scholarship application form; 
  2. the candidate must be entering the first year of a Master’s degree program; 
  3. must have the endorsement of a District 7040 Rotary Club; 
  4. must be a citizen of Canada or the US living permanently within the boundaries of District 7040 (i.e. where you go home for the holidays not where you are currently attending university – a quick search on the Rotary International website will provide the information re the boundaries of your home district);
  5. must be studying outside of District 7040 and his/her home country, 
  6. must provide proof of acceptance into the university program of his/her choice for the academic year 2018-19,
  7. must submit a copy of his/her current curriculum vitae,
  8. must submit at least one letter of reference,
  9. must not be a linear descendant of a Rotarian.
The application form can be found to the left after 1 February 2018.
The Endorsement form for clubs is found to the left, also.
NOTE: Because the Rotary International Global Grant scholarships are part of a relatively new grants system we anticipate that there may be some changes or adjustments in the process as currently outlined.
Candidates are strongly advised to consult the RI website- - frequently to ensure that they continue to meet the criteria/requirements for a Rotary International Global Grant Scholarship.  Even though that website has a late spring date for submission, the DEADLINE for submitting your Application to District 7040 is midnight, April 15th.
The deadline for applications is April 15 2018 and those applications should be e-mailed to
Interviews will take place on Saturday, April 28, 2018 at a location yet to be determined; applicants may request to be interviewed over the Internet with the understanding that D 7040 is not responsible for any technical problems.