This issue of Training Talk is dedicated to district trainers. Share this information with other trainers in your district. There is also a lot of information that is helpful for clubs.
Note: There have been reports of periodic issues when logging into My Rotary or the Learning Center that have been fixed. If you continue having trouble accessing the Learning Center, please clear cookies and cached images in your internet browser settings, close, and reopen your browser and try again.
Shifting to online training
In the past several months, we’ve all learned a lot about how to transform in-person training into online training. Rotary has also developed more resources to help you manage your upcoming training events. Here are some strategies:
  • Find new ideas — Review the Offering Training Online document in the District Trainer Best Practices learning topic to get ideas about how to convert your training.
  • Assign courses — Assign courses in the Learning Center to replace in-person training. Look at the list in the course catalog (PDF) to see what’s available.
  • Consider an online-first approach — Assign online courses or other materials before a virtual meeting. Then, in the meeting, participants can reinforce what they learned from the materials by role-playing scenarios, practicing skills in a workshop, or having small-group discussions.
  • Get Learning Center reports to monitor people’s progress — District trainers can take the Access to Learning Center Reports course. After they complete it, our team will set up two weekly reports that are emailed directly to district trainers.
Leader’s guides for your training events
Our leader’s guides include suggested speaking points, activities, and worksheets for your training. Customize them to suit your needs. Share these guides, available at, with facilitators:
  • District Team Training Seminar Leader’s Guide
  • District Trainer Seminar Leader’s Guide
  • District Training Assembly Leader’s Guide
  • Grant Management Seminar Leader’s Guide
  • Presidents-elect Training Seminar Leader’s Guide
In addition to these guides, the Train the Trainer Seminar Leader’s Guide offers topics and worksheets you can customize for training facilitators.
District Vibrant Club Workshop
The new District Vibrant Club Workshop Leader’s Guide is here! This new workshop replaces three seminars: those on district membership, The Rotary Foundation, and our public image. It’s a chance for members to learn how membership, public image, and the Foundation work together to help us fulfill Rotary’s strategic plan, known as our Action Plan.
Publications that are becoming online courses
Rotary stopped offering print publications for purchase in April, and as various manuals are turned into online courses, we'll also stop offering PDFs of those publications. This table lists the discontinued items and the courses that have replaced them. Make sure your club, district, and zone websites have the current links:
 Lead Your Club: Secretary
 Lead Your Club: Treasurer
 Lead Your Club: Membership Committee
 Lead Your Club: Rotary Foundation  Committee
 Lead Your Club: Public Image Committee
 Lead Your Club: Service Project Committee
 Lead Your Club: Administration Committee
 Lead Your District: Governor
 Lead Your District: Assistant Governor
Grant management recertification
Members can now be recertified for grants in the Learning Center. The Grant Management Seminar Recertification course is available for people who have previously completed the full nine-course Grant Management Seminar and now just need to maintain their qualification to apply for grants.

We’re here to support you in your training efforts. Send your questions and suggestions to the Learning and Development staff at