Rotary FAR Project launched to support Pathways to Education high school graduates while they take on next life goals
In short:
  • Kingston high school alumni of the Pathways to Education program will continue to receive support while they move on to post-secondary education and meaningful employment
  • For those alumni who wish to postpone the immediate employment vs. further education decision, 20 Rotarians have received professional mentorship training and will be matched with individual alumni as needed
  • The Rotary FAR Project is the product of financial support from local, national, and international Rotary Clubs
  • $140 000 CDN (approximate) was raised to fund the Facilitator of Alumni Resources (FAR) position for 3 days a week for 3 years
The Rotary Facilitator of Alumni Relations (FAR) Project launched 12 September 2020, at the Kingston Community Health Centre. With it, Kingston high school graduates of the Pathways to Education program continue to be supported as they make decisions and take action related to post-secondary education, training, and finding meaningful employment. The Rotary FAR will provide or coordinate services for Pathways alumni.
The Rotary FAR project builds on the success of the Pathways program located in North Kingston. Pathways works in communities across Canada to improve outcomes for high school students in low-income areas, offering tutoring, group and career mentoring, financial incentives, and advocacy support to enrolled students. Almost half of Kingston Pathways alumni are the first in their family to move on to post-secondary education. While many of these alumni want to continue their education at the post-secondary level, all want their efforts to lead to meaningful employment.
Says Roger Romero, Program Coordinator, KCHC, “The Pathways Rotary FAR alumni program is a life changer in terms of breaking the cycle of poverty. For Pathways Alumni, this partnership supports the key transitional period between formal education and meaningful employment. The partnership sets the final steppingstone in our continuum of support. Our partnership is grounded in the belief that supporting the students of today will foster the Rotarians of tomorrow. We are grateful to Rotary for their continued support.”
This project is the product of financial support and cooperation from local (Cataraqui-Kingston Rotary Club (RC), Frontenac RC, Kingston RC, Kingston Waterfront RC, Napanee RC), national (D7040 Passport RC), and international (in India: Madras RC, Madras Coromandel RC, Madras East RC, Madras Central RC, Madras Chenna Patna RC) Rotary Clubs. The club to club cooperation in raising and allocation of funds enabled substantial funding support from Rotary District 7040 and The Rotary International Foundation. Our hope is that this provides a model for use in other communities. More and more, it takes a Global Village to raise a child.
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Project Lead:  John Gale, Cataraqui-Kingston Rotary Club
Rotary in Kingston — RIK is a partnership of four clubs: Cataraqui-Kingston Rotary Club, Kingston Rotary Club, Kingston-Frontenac Rotary Club, and Kingston Waterfront Rotary Club.  This is the first of their Centennial Year Projects