Posted by Jack Prim, Fundraising Chair
The Fundraising Committee objective is to assist fundraising at the club level by gathering and sharing the fundraising information for the district.  The information will facilitate existing fundraising efforts by helping to identify the “best practices” from all of the clubs in the district fo similar fundraising efforts.  It will also provide “how to information” to clubs who are planning to start a new fundraiser that is similar to some existing fundraisers in the district.
At this juncture, we are collecting fundraising information from all the clubs which will be compiled and made available to any Rotarian.  The Committee will also establish forums for various types of fundraisers to come together and share ideas.

The key at this point is the collection of information about the fundraisers that are in place. We appreciate everyone’s cooperation.  The district AGs will be spearheading the collection effort.  Thank you.