Be The Inspiration!

A new Rotary year and a new Rotary theme: “Be the Inspiration” I am feeling inspired—and excited—because that is what a new beginning offers. How about you?

Welcome district 7040 leadership team for 2018-2019! The district 7040 team is a collection of diverse and talented individuals, working together with one simple purpose: to help each Rotary club in district 7040 to be a vibrant club because that is the only reason a district exists.

First and foremost, our number one team is the 2018-2019 club presidents–and the club leaders who make up their teams. Week after week, these are the Rotarians who engage with their communities and with the world to create something remarkable – a Rotary club.

Rotary offers an extraordinary opportunity for young professionals: for networking, and to join with a community of people who take actions that create lasting change in the world. In the 2018-2019 Rotary year millennials are leading clubs throughout the district. Club presidents like Samantha Polnack in Potsdam NY, Mark Chau in Montreal, and Cedric Rusike in Iqaluit are just a few of our young professionals, who are stepping up to lead Rotary. At the district level Brittany Hesmer, after being district Rotaract Representative is joining the leadership team as co-chair of the Rotaract committee, and former exchange student Patrick Mahaffy is leading the Youth Exchange committee. District 7040, young professionals are creating the future of Rotary.

What a fantastic opportunity this creates for senior Rotarians to mentor these young professionals! As District Governor I hope to inspire senior leaders to welcome and to assist the next generation of Rotary leaders to thrive.
2018-2019 offers opportunities and challenges, not only for young professionals, but for all Rotarians. The District Conference, the last weekend in October will provide a forum for envisioning what we might be. And, throughout the year we will recognize the district’s first ever 40 Under 40, culminating with a wonderful celebration in May of 2019.

As we continue to celebrate club charter anniversaries, we look forward to welcoming Rotaractors into Rotary club membership, with innovative membership plans.

I am so excited by the possibilities that Rotary offers for challenge and change. I invite everyone in our Rotary world to join in creating a vibrant Rotary future.