• Speakers-for online meetings
    1. Peter Labelle- District Web/Social media POC.  LabelleP@cmha-east.on.ca
      1. ClubRunner
      2. Global Grants-from a Club perspective.
    2. Ariane Carriere-PDG District Interact, Youth Protection & Bulletin Chair.  ariane.carriere@rotary7040.com
      1. ​​​How to create an Interact Club
      2. Potential Interact Service Project to San Salvador
      3. Youth Protection Policy/Certification.
      4. Using ClubRunner for your club bulletin.
                  c.  Gerry Lambert-DG.gerrylambert@outlook.com

                      1. Open Forum-Questions/answers
                      2. Job Opportunities at the District Level.
                      3. Thoughts on Membership recruiting/retention
​​​​​​                  d.  Anna Rochon-District Membership Chair. anna.varochon@gmail.com
                       1. Keeping long time members engaged,
                       2. attracting new members and
                       3. how to attract millennials.
e. Gayle Oudeh-District Learning and Development Team Chair.  gayleoudeh@ccrinternational.com

        1. conflict resolution,
        2. leadership,
        3. positive psychology (being resilient, happy and fulfilled),
        4. personality differences.
f. Chris Cochrane-District PR Chair and Passport President. chris@cochrane.net
         1.  How to morph a standard club to one with a viable online component
         2.  How to use your club site to raise money $
         3.  How to fund any project using video
         4.  How to get guaranteed media  coverage for your event
         5.  How to attract new members using online tools
         6.  How to communicate effectively online, in person, and in the media
g.  Bonnie Black-PDG District Foundation Chair-bonnie.black@rotary7040.com Our Foundation Team will come to you on the following Saturday mornings at 10am for a 30-minute   gathering via Zoom Drop in on one or all sessions!  If you’re interested, just email me at bonblack@yahoo.com and I will send you the link
  • March 28 – Annual Fund (Rotary’s Present)
  • April 4 – Scholarships: Global and Peace Fellows
  • April 18 – Endowment Fund (Rotary’s Future)
  • May 30 – Polio (Rotary’s Major Initiative)
 h.  Better Miller-PDG Foundation Grants Chair-bette.miller@bell.net
  1. Rotary Foundation Grants - Success stories
  2. Project Fairs – a Rotary Opportunity
​​​​​​​  i.  Michele Herblin-Co-Chair Club Support- m.herblin@videotron.ca

         1. How to manage vidéoconférences from 2 to 250 attendees,and make everyone       comfortable 
         2. The 10 key points to maintain friendship and club efficiency while meeting online  
         3. How to manage international hands-on projects remotely and train worldwide beneficiaries to use the most up to date               communication tools
  1. Manon Lennon- District Rotary Global Rewards and PolioPlus Chair- manonlennon@videotron.ca
    1. Session on Rotary Global Rewards | My Rotary (English) https://my.rotary.org/en/member-center/rotary-global-rewards/offers#/offers/featured
      1. Explore Rotary Global Rewards to find discounts and special offers and give back to Rotary.. Rotary and Rotract members can add their own offers.
      2. The proceeds from the program less expenses will be contributed to Rotary Areas of Focus based on voting by members using the program.
    2. Formation Rotary Global Rewards | My Rotary (Français) https://my.rotary.org/fr/member-center/rotary-global-rewards/offers#/offers/featured
      1. Explorez Rotary Global Rewards pour découvrir les remises et les offres spéciales proposées. Les membres du Rotary et du Rotaract peuvent ajouter leurs propres offres.
      2. Un pourcentage sera remis par les marchands participants à la Fondation Rotary.
    3. Learning Center https://my.rotary.org/en/learning-reference
      1. Take advantage of a wealth of training materials designed to help you learn new skills and become more successful in what you do.
                4. Formation https://my.rotary.org/fr/learning-reference
        a. Nos multiples ressources et matériels de formation ont été conçus pour vous aider à                  développer vos connaissances et à réussir dans vos projets.
       5. How to download the app and purchase Zoom for your club
      6. Greta Du Bois Cleynhens duboisgreta@gmail.com
General outline of a Friendship Exchange (of which there are several different types) but also specific points such as:
- boost international collaboration for your projects, get partners.
- visit the international projects your club is involved in.
- Experience Rotary in a different country, different ways of holding meetings, of their District actions and priorities.
-  Live with Rotarians in their homes, different cultures, religion, historical and geographical discoveries leading to long friendships.
-  Requirements for participation in a Friendship Exchange (the most important are flexibility and difference acceptance).
- return hosting of a Friendship Exchange.
  • On Line Workshops on How to Do On Line Meetings and Make-up Meetings:  Email POC for a link.
    1. The Passport club: Chris Cochrane  chris@cochrane.net
      1. Workshop: Thursday March 19 @  8 pm
      2. We meet as a Club on the last Tuesday of any month.

        Our next meeting is Tuesday, March 31, 2020 @ 5:00 PM Eastern Time

        Here's a link to join: https://zoom.us/j/713311209   Meeting ID: 713 311 209
  1. E Club: Michele Herblin m.herblin@videotron.ca- join our meeting at https://gotomeet.me/EclubPremier7040
    1. Workshop in French and English:
      1. Tuesday March 24 @ 8PM
      2. Tuesday March 31 @ 8PM
  • If your club has an interesting speaker who is willing to be an on line speaker for another club, then please email ariane.carriere@rotary7040.com their information which I will post on a special district webpage(in progress).
  • If your club has come up with a way to help your local community please email it to ariane.carriere@rotary7040.com so we can share it with others via the webpage also..
  • If you have any questions please feel free to contact Gerry Lambert via email.