5. The Ottawa Rotary Home  

Video: https://vimeo.com/450856814

Executive Director: Gina St Amour, 823 Rotary Way, Ottawa, Ontario, K1T 3W6.
Email: gina@rotaryhome.on.ca        
Tel: 613-236-3200, Fax: 613-822-8778
Website: rotaryhome.on.ca                        
 The Rotary Home Foundation:
Chair John Lark, 823 Rotary Way, Ottawa, Ontario, K1T 3W6.
Tel: 613-822-5391. Fax: 613-822-8778


The Ottawa Rotary Home exists to improve the quality of life of caregivers and individuals with disabilities through a family and person-centered approach that is responsive to individual needs and offered in a dynamic and flexible way. We offer a variety of respite programs for different groups. Respite means something different to every family. However, most visits to Rotary Home are between a few days to a week or two in length. These breaks give the parents or caregivers a chance to rest and rejuvenate while their child has a fun time with our caring and professional staff.

Our general admission policy is a child, youth, or adult who has a physical disability or complex medical need. Many of our clients have multiple disabilities requiring specialized care.

We are a not-for-profit corporation and are a recognized charity with a charitable registration number.  For more information on our history in the community, please visit our Home’s History page.

Our Children Respite Programs are open 7 days a week, 356 days a year (we are closed over the Christmas Break). Children and youth up to their twenty-first birthday have access to our Regular Planned Relief program or general respite bookings.

The Adult Respite Program supports adults after the age of 21. Since 2009 over 120 adults have accessed respite at our Leitrim campus and the numbers continue to grow.

When caring for individuals, parents and families are our guides.  We strive to create a home-like environment that makes families feel confident that their child or young adult will be well cared for.  And let’s not forget…it has to be fun!!

Donate to our special HOLIDAY CAMPAIGN HERE!

To make a donation by phone (by credit card), please call us at 613-822-5391. You may also send a donation by mail to:

Ottawa Rotary Home Foundation
823 Rotary Way
Ottawa, ON K1T 3W6

Our Charitable Registration number is: 89418 7962 RR0001.

For questions regarding donations, including making a donation and tax receipts, please contact us at execdir@rotaryhomefoundation.ca or 613-822-5391.

6. District:  Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee  

Contact Chair: Martha Weaver martha.weaver@gmail.com

7. D4L (Dictionary for Life) program (Community Service)

Video  @     http://youtube/uCwcZQKQ6nE 

Contact:  Co-Chairs
Linda Flynn: 27 Trillium Ave., Ottawa, ON K2E5M8   lindaflynn@bell.net
Ken Murray: 32 Shepherd’s Glen Ave., Ottawa K2M 2M9   samsons@magma.ca
Dictionary4Life, led by the Rotary Club of West Ottawa, continues to provide a gift of literacy, Dictionary4Life book, to grade 3 youth in our District.
Steadily rising since 2011, the number of D7040 clubs involved has grown from two clubs to eighteen in 2020.  They are West-Ottawa, Nepean-Kanata, Ottawa-Bytown, Orleans, Ottawa-South, Ottawa-Stittsville, South Nepean, Brockville (Prescott schools), Kingston-Waterfront, Montreal-Lakeshore, Cornwall-Sunrise, Eganville, Smiths Falls, and Arnprior.
The number of schools was three and one homework club in 2011. In 2020 there were 35-40 recipient schools.
Beginning in 2011, 256 books were ordered. The order in December 2019 was 2400 for Fall 2020 presentations. A total of 11,146 books have been brought into our District.  That translates to 11,146 students or teachers who have been handed a Dictionary4life! 
Thanks to the DSG support received over the years the cost of the book for all participating clubs has been kept around $6CAD ($4.70USD).  A truly inexpensive literacy and basic education focused project.

8. District: Indigenous Service Committee (NEW Committee)

Chair: PDG Rene Melchers rmelchers55@gmail.com
PPT clip: https://portal.clubrunner.ca/50214/Documents/en-ca/d64cb627-f273-4cd0-a744-485a753a9068/1/
House of Friendship information form in English can be downloaded here.
Formulaire d’inscription pour la maison de l’amitié peut être téléchargé ici