Training Information-RLI (Rotary Leadership Institute)

        Strengthen Your Club…Grow as a Rotarian…Discover more about Rotary

Attend RLI in 2018

Ideal for newer Rotarians (less than 3 years) as well as those wanting to learn more about our great service organization.  You do NOT have to be considering a Board position or Club officer position, although Rotarians in those positions certainly will gain information to use in your club.  This day-long experience will stimulate and inform you - plus, you get to meet others from around our District!
These sessions are facilitated by RLI-trained faculty - no powerpoints  ;-)   You leave with a manual to encourage further knowledge-sharing in your club and on your committees.  Our second session for the 2017-2018 Rotary year is coming up - register before March 17th (an easy day to remember!!).
Saturday, March 24th
Part One and Part Two (English) - Part One (French)
Ramada Inn – Cornwall (ON)
 What your fellow Rotarians said after our October session:
     “Learned how to make Rotary more fun & informative.”
     “Got more insights into the thinking, working, methods of Rotary.”
     “Will better engage and create positive additions/changes to what we do.”
     “Lots of excellent information, ideas and resources.  It was well worthwhile.”
     “Loved the format and group discussion.  Great to hear other people’s point of view.”
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Send your newest Rotarians – you’ll increase your Retention and Engagement!!
Send your newest Rotarians – you’ll increase your Club's Retention and Engagement!!

Sample Agenda:      

           Part ONE:
             Insights Into Leadership
As a Rotarian, I am, by definition, a leader. Join us as we explore the characteristics of leadership, motivational techniques, and leadership styles. How do I best lead?
My Rotary World
As a Rotarian, I am part of a worldwide organization of like-minded people. Take some time to truly understand the purpose and structure of Rotary. Can these resources help me?
Ethics – Vocational Service
I am ethical, recognize and promote ethics in others, and seek opportunities to serve through my vocation. You can see that I am a Rotarian.
Our Foundation
I am “doing good” in my local community and around the world. Learn about the basic goals and programs of our Foundation. I am a force for good in the world!
Engaging Members
I make my club and Rotary stronger by my active participation. Engaged club members have fun, make friends, and effectively serve. This is why I joined Rotary.
Service Projects
I am a vital part of a worldwide service organization of business, professional and community leaders meeting needs in communities. I can build, run and promote service.
Strategic Planning and Analysis
I can strengthen my club by promoting and leading insightful planning and analysis.  Looking at my Rotary club, how can I help make improvements that will matter?
Attracting Members
I can lead and promote my club’s re-examination of my club’s distinctive position in my community and the quality of members we attract.  I want to work with the best people!
Club Communication
I can serve by leading and promoting effective communications to my club’s internal and external audiences.  Refine and practice your skills.
Team Building
I can lead and promote my club’s collaboration in effective and motivated groups to accomplish our goals of service.  Harness the real power of Rotary clubs and Rotarians!
Foundation II: Targeted Service
I can lead and promote my club’s participation in unique, significant and targeted service opportunities through our Foundation.  Understand the key concepts of Rotary programs.
PART Three
Being revised for 2019-2021
Graduate Level Sessions are also available for those who have completed all 3 levels above!