Applicants for the RYLA Youth Leadership Academy will be asked to fill out and submit these forms before they can attend the four-day online  program.

The first step for applicants will be to complete RYLA Form #1 — "Candidate Application" — and submit it using the Submit button at the bottom of the application.
Before filling out this form, we recommend you view it first to determine whether you have all the necessary information at hand to complete all the required fields. You will not be able to save a partially completed form.
Click on the following link to open the "Candidate Application" form:

The second step in the candidate application process will be to complete and submit RYLA Form #2 — "Leadership Essay form"
This form will be evaluated to help prepare you for the Rotary Youth Leadership Academy. 
The form asks you to complete two statements:
  • My present leadership activities include...
  • My vision of my leadership role is...
We recommend that you prepare your answers to each question in advance and then copy and paste them into the proper text areas of the form. The maximum number of characters (not words) for each answer is 5,000.
Click on the following link to open the Leadership Essay form