On Thursday, May 6th, join us for a webinar presentation followed by a period of questions & answers with an expert who has lived it.  

  • An evening of frank talk about men’s mental health.
  • What do the statistics reveal?
  • Why do men suffer in silence?
  • What can we do to buck that trend?

For years, Ryan Forsyth suffered from mental illness in silence. After attempting to take his own life, he received help and over time, decided to share his story for the first time on social media.

Education has been Ryan's primary focus in his speaking, and he has opened up the idea that it is ok to not be ok, especially for men who experience mental health issues. He does this by humanizing the mental health experience and offering those who suffer alone, a sense of belonging, and the feeling that they have people whom they can now turn to.

Ryan will address traditionally "toxic" masculine traits and show how we can redefine what it means to be a "man" and make meaningful changes in this role.

Discussion in the webinar will include such important topics as vulnerability, healthy expression, communication and uplifting others. It is possible to reach out to others and live a productive, good life.