Online Registration

This is the full 2.5+ hour training presented in English and that last opportunity to qualify for grants beginning 1 July 2021.


For ALL Primary Contact persons & Project Leads on current or proposed Global Grants, there is a new requirement for qualification.  The online session in the Learning Center  which is coming soon on the Foundation C A D R E. We will update all when it becomes available.


Qualification are the same as last year:

  1. To ensure that clubs are kept current on Foundation procedures, District 7040 will require that any club considering a GLOBAL GRANT will have the sitting club President, and two (2) of the following annually attend a District 7040 Grant Management Seminar: President-elect, Treasurer (Club or project), Foundation or International Service Committee Chairs or the Project Lead.  The exception will be for the Treasurer, if he/she has attended the two (2) preceding years’ qualification sessions.  In a club with a 2-year presidency as part of their 2019 revised By-Laws, the training will be required in the President-Elect year and the first year of his/her Presidency, but not required in the final year in which he/she is President.
  2. If a club is considering ONLY a DISTRICT Simplified or DISTRICT Matching Grant, only two (2) of the following will need to attend a District 7040 Grants Management Seminar: sitting President, President-Elect (if not the sitting President), Treasurer (Club or Project), Community Service Chair, Foundation Chair, International Service Chair.