March/mars 2022


District Governor Message for March

Clean water, sanitation, and hygiene education are necessities for a healthy environment and a productive life.
When people have access to clean water and sanitation, waterborne diseases decrease, children stay healthier and attend school more regularly, and mothers can spend less time carrying water and more time helping their families.
What words that start with the letters: Q,R & S relate to Rotary’s theme this month?
Quality /Quantity
The quantity of Global Grant Projects: Since 2013, The Rotary Foundation has invested more than $130 million in over two thousand projects worldwide. Through this investment, our Rotary volunteers, people of action, have improved access to safely managed and basic WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Education) services to communities, schools, and healthcare facilities, while protecting and conserving water resources quality. 
R: Response
Rotarians continue to be committed to making a difference to those that need assistance in our country as well as in the wider world community. It is wonderful to witness the response by our members when need has been identified.
S: Sanitation, Sustainable
The objective of the WASH projects is to develop good hygiene habits in children, “By reducing absenteeism due to diseases that are acquired due to lack of water, sanitation, and hygiene in schools, we can increase their academic development. Training teachers to help children develop good hygiene habits is key.”
Rotary challenges our members to develop sustainable projects that comprehensively address the most pressing need - water, sanitation, and hygiene education.

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Whenever possible, articles have been translated into French. We could use help with translation at any time. Please note that most articles have a "See More" link so that you can read the rest of the article.
Dans la mesure du possible, les articles ont été traduits en français. Nous pourrions utiliser de l'aide pour la traduction à tout moment. Veuillez noter que la plupart des articles ont un lien "See More" afin que vous puissiez lire le reste de l'article.

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$26.50 all virtual, or
$126.50 virtual and in-person on Saturday.


Newsletter Articles

Please submit anything that you want in the newsletter by the 25th of each month. The newsletter usually goes out by the first or second of each month and it takes time to put things together in the proper format. Anything after the 25th will not be published.
Veuillez soumettre tout ce que vous voulez dans la newsletter d'ici le 25 de chaque mois. La newsletter sort habituellement au premier ou au deuxième de chaque mois et il faut du temps pour mettre les choses en forme. Rien après le 25 ne sera publié.

Youth Protection Documents

Just a reminder to those of you who are getting youth program registrations started. Clubs that have not sent in their Youth Protection documents cannot participate until they have completed their process outlined on our district site
Juste un rappel à ceux d’entre vous qui obtiennent des inscriptions de programmes pour les jeunes ont commencé. Les clubs qui n’ont pas envoyé leurs documents de protection de la jeunesse ne peuvent pas participer tant qu’ils n’ont pas terminé leur processus décrit sur notre site de district
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Upcoming Events
Diverse Book Club #4
Mar 01, 2022
7:00 PM – 8:00 PM
District Team Training Seminar Session #2
Mar 03, 2022
6:46 PM – 8:16 PM
Ask Us Anything! For Rotarians of District 7040
Mar 05, 2022
9:00 AM – 10:00 AM
DG Fay Visit - Ogdensburg (Zoom)
Mar 07, 2022
6:00 PM – 7:30 PM
International Service Committee / Action Internationale
Mar 12, 2022
10:00 AM – 12:00 PM
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Ariane Carriere
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Rotary International statement on Ukraine conflict

It is a tragic and sad time for the people of Ukraine and the world.

At Rotary, we are deeply concerned by the deteriorating situation in Ukraine and the escalating loss of life and humanitarian hardship there. Continued military action against Ukraine will not only devastate the region, but also risk spreading tragic consequences across Europe and the world.

As one of the world’s largest humanitarian organizations, we have made peace the cornerstone of our global mission. We join the international community in calling for an immediate cease fire, withdrawal of Russian forces, and a restoration of diplomatic efforts to resolve this conflict through dialogue.

In the past decade, Rotary clubs in Ukraine, Russia and nearby countries have transcended national differences and have actively engaged in peace-building projects to promote goodwill and to marshal assistance for the victims of war and violence. Today, our thoughts are with our fellow Rotary members and others in Ukraine coping with these tragic events. Rotary International will do everything in its power to bring aid, support and peace to the region.


Rotary Days of Service

Proposal to Support Food Banks or Food Charities
Rotary and Rotaract clubs in District 7040 will each make a donation to their local food bank, food operation, or charitable meal provider during a “Rotary Week of Service” on the last week of April 2022.

District 7040 will provide $500 reimbursements to clubs that donate at least $1,000 to their local food banks. The District will reimburse 50% of a club’s donation if it is less than $1,000. An alternative for clubs with ongoing food-related programs would be to provide proof that they have donated this year (i.e., a cancelled cheque), and arrange for a “photo op” the last week of April 2022. Donations and reimbursements will be in the currency of the club’s nationality ($US or $CAD).

Need help with your WASH project—here’s how!!

The Rotary club of LaSalle-Centennial wanted to support the RC of Mzuzu (Malawi) to bring water to a rural community, but the cost was more than the club, and its partners could raise.
Enter the Canadian Rotarian Water Foundation (CRWF).

Canton Fundraiser

The Rotary Club of Canton recently held a 50/50 fundraiser during a hockey game at St. Lawrence University's Appleton Arena in Canton, New York. Left to right: President Jeanne Tyo-Martin, Janet Favro and Treasurer Brian LaVair. (Not pictured: Scott Goldie, working at the club's Chuck-a-Puck table.)
Le Club Rotary de Canton a récemment organisé une collecte de fonds 50/50 lors d’un match de hockey à l’Appleton Arena de l’Université St. Lawrence à Canton, dans l’État de New York. De gauche à droite : la présidente Jeanne Tyo-Martin, Janet Favro et le trésorier Brian LaVair. (Non photographié : Scott Goldie, travaillant à la table Chuck-a-Puck du club.)

March Is Easter Seals Month

David Short here - I'm with the Rotary Club of Kingston – inviting your club to participate in the annual March Is Easter Seals Month campaign. It’s a special year this year - our 100th Anniversary!
Founded in 1922 by Ontario Rotary clubs, Easter Seals Ontario has been supporting Easter Seals Kids and their families in Southeastern Ontario - helping children with physical disabilities obtain equipment needed for daily living, as well as camps and social activities they might otherwise not have access to. Learn more about how your money helps. or watch this two minute video showing how funds raised make a HUGE impact on kids’ lives: The Impact and Cost of Essential Equipment

The annual March Is Easter Seals Month campaign is THE major fundraiser of the year. Its success is critical. We encourage your club to participate in at least one of the many ways to do so this year!

Kingston-Frontenac Rotarians out in the Community

A member of the Kingston Community Rotaract Club helps sort clothes at the Kingston Gospel Centre, the logistics centre for Lionhearts, on December 1, 2021. Photo by Daniel Geleyn
Marie-Claude Van der Merwe and Jennifer Patelli, members of the Kingston-Frontenac Rotary Club, load and move food packages at the Kingston Gospel Centre, the logistics centre for Lionhearts, on February 16, 2022. Photo by Daniel Geleyn
Five members of the Kingston-Frontenac Rotary Club work as a team to package pasta which was donated in bulk at the Kingston Gospel Centre, the logistics centre for Lionhearts, on February 16, 2022. Photo by Daniel Geleyn

Ottawa Rotary Youth Forest

Let’s work with our youth to plant new forests and help restore our planet!
In a recent article in the Ottawa Citizen, Keroles B. Riad wrote that “Studying climate science and sustainability policy is one of the most important topics that affects your life. It has become as basic as math, biology and language- part of the knowledge base necessary for us to exercise our civic duty as well as global citizenship.”
The Rotary Club of Orléans (RCO) proposes the Ottawa Rotary Youth Forest, the planting of a youth forest in the South Nation River watershed east of Ottawa. Hopefully, the project will grow to include 10 Rotary and Rotaract Clubs and 10 secondary schools in the Ottawa area, starting with 2,000 trees in the spring of 2023.
Chesterville Snow Days

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Due to the precautions surrounding Covid-19, Chesterville did not hold their winter carnival this year. Therefore, the Carnival Committee and the Rotary Club of Chesterville partnered together to host Chesterville Snow Days.  Everyone is invited to capture their winter fun activities in a photo and submit the photo to the Rotary Club. A collage of all photos will be created and posted for all to enjoy. 
February is known as one of the gloomiest months of the year.  The Rotary Club of Chesterville was determined to change this and erected a Valentine Kissing Booth in the town gazebo to help people feel and spread the love in the community. 
The Booth was enjoyed by all ages.  There were even people stopping with their pets to share a smooch!    In the photo, Merrick and Raleigh stop by for a quick photo op. Merrick and Raleigh are the children of Derrick and Shannon Minish of Chesterville.

District 7910 Hosts DEI Summit

For more information

Rotary Winter BBQ

Who holds a barbeque in -23C weather?  The Rotary Club of Kemptville does.  It was our most successful BBQ ever.
Less than a week before the Kemptville Skating Event, the organizers had a call from a local food truck canceling their participation.  A Rotarian was called to see if the club would be willing to barbeque hot dogs, hamburgers and sell cold drinks.  “No problem!” 
Every Canadian expects cold temperatures in winter but that weekend was exceptional.  -23C (-9.4 F) without taking into consideration the chill factor.   Cold drinks were not a “hot” seller.  In fact, it was so cold that the condiments needed to be hidden inside oven mitts to keep them from freezing. 

Darkspark VERSIONS - a Youth Service Opportunity

The Rotary Club of Cataraqui-Kingston is planning to again support the work of Darkspark. We invite Rotary H.I.P. club members and other interested clubs in our District to join us.
Darkspark, founded by musicians Melissa Larkin and D’Ari Lisle and now in its 10th year, promotes intercultural understanding by giving voice to youth on social justice issues through engaging them in songwriting (including rap) and storytelling supported by professional musicians, videographers, and educators. The song and project story videos are circulated widely on social media platforms used by artists internationally.

Potsdam Rotary Participates in Frosty Fest!

Members of the Potsdam Rotary Club turned out to support Frosty Fest! in Ives Park on Saturday morning. Battling slushy conditions, the team sculpted three "Snowtarians," heralding the Rotary messages of international service, and world peace and understanding. The Rotary logo was displayed on blue ice adjacent to a display of Potsdam Rotary projects, along with a streamer of international flags. Left to right: Laurean Pelkey, Bobby Gordon, Mary Sue Foster and Shawn Seymour.

Connection - Lake Placid and the Winter Olympics

As we watched the coverage of the 2022 Winter Olympics, the Rotary Club of Lake Placid feels very connected to Team USA and our “hometown” athletes.  So many have trained here in Lake Placid over the years.  Perhaps you’d like to watch this short video in which you’ll see 1992 Silver Medalist Paul Wylie describing some of what the future holds.  Paul recently spoke to our club and provided us with a very informative “backstage tour” of what goes into training for the Olympics, from technology to stagecraft. 
Alors que nous regardions la couverture des Jeux olympiques d'hiver de 2022, le Rotary club de Lake Placid se sent très lié à l'équipe des États-Unis et aux athlètes de notre « ville natale ». Tant de personnes se sont entraînées ici à Lake Placid au fil des ans. Peut-être aimeriez-vous regarder cette courte vidéo dans laquelle vous verrez le médaillé d'argent de 1992, Paul Wylie, décrire une partie de ce que l'avenir nous réserve. Paul s'est récemment adressé à notre club et nous a fourni une « visite des coulisses » très informative de ce qui se passe dans l'entraînement pour les Jeux olympiques, de la technologie à la mise en scène.

Discon2022 Is Now Discon2022 Hybrid

District Governor Fay’s wish to provide a family-friendly Body, Mind and Spirit District Conference in Ottawa will come true but it has been adjusted to allow for the well-being of all concerned.  If you are comfortable traveling, you are encouraged to attend and enjoy the in-person camaraderie that we’ve all been missing *(for $126.50 which includes all Saturday meals, hospitality suite and excursion).  If you need or prefer to stay home you can participate in almost all of the conference’s offerings *(for $26.50) – the business meeting, plenary sessions, workshops, awards and entertainment as well connecting anytime to the House of Friendship, Yoga, Mindfulness exercise, Tai Chi and Silent Auction.

The Queen's Platinum Jubilee and Rotary

The information for the Platinum Jubilee is from this brochure See page 37 where Fay's name as district governor is mentioned.
Another brochure is also available via this site: The announcement of the celebration made CTV news.

Did You Know?

Our district homepage, has a COVID-19 resource page. It includes a list of speakers that you may find useful for your meetings. You can also find the Speakers' page on the home page of the website now under the "My District" tab. In addition, the D7040 Passport club has an Education Centre where you may find useful videos.

RI and TRF position statement on COVID-19 vaccination

As the first organization to envision a polio-free world through mass immunization of children, Rotary believes the decision to vaccinate is a humanitarian imperative. The Rotary International Board of Directors and Rotary Foundation Trustees believe that:
1) Global vaccination is the path to ending the pandemic, and we strongly encourage vaccination for all individuals, including our members.
2) Misinformation hinders the fight against COVID-19, and we are committed to providing our members with science-based information.