Objective:  Provision of a source of electricity for a medical clinic in a remote village
Location: Village of Rwoga, Burundi
Partners: Rotary Clubs of Bujumbura, Montreal-Lakeshore and its satellite club, Hudson-St. Lazare.  Citizens group in Rwoga
Background: Jean-Claude Manirakiza, a member of the newly chartered Rotary Club of Hudson-St. Lazare, is a teacher in the Montreal area who was born in Rwoga, Burundi where his parents were murdered during tribal fighting while he was attending university in Belgium. For the past several years, he has returned twice a year to Rwoga, at his own expense, to work with a citizens’ group dedicated to peace building through education and the development of a better quality of life for the new generation.
A school has been built and receives technical support from a foundation FOSEB-CANADA; enrollment has grown from 35 to 350 students. With the closest clinic over 40 km away by very bad roads, the citizens group decided to build a medical clinic as the next phase in developing their expanding village and area of  5000 or more who will benefit.
Results: Solar electrification of a clinic operated by local medical staff and administered by the citizens committee that provides medical services and assistance to support maternal and child care; treatment of malnutrition; vaccinations; hygiene education; treatment of malaria and fevers.
Equipment: Solar panels and batteries; electrical devices; refrigerator to store medicines
Cost:  Rotary Club of Montreal-Lakeshore cash contribution $3,535; plus 3,535 from D7040 DDF (District Designated Fund). This total amount, $7070 Canadian, includes the costs of equipment, customs and haulage fees in Burundi.