Posted by Bruce Higgs
More than your plane ticket or your collection of old T-shirts, what is most needed in Nepal right now is money. The Rotary Club of Gananoque will undertake to receive and transfer cash donations to their contacts in Budol and Phulbari, a town about an hour’s travel from Kathmandu. RC Gananoque will also issue charitable tax receipts to donors.
There are two well organized Rotaract clubs and a Community Corps in this community; the closest Rotary club is RC Dhulikhel.  Both of the Rotaract clubs are led by young men who are university graduates (engineering and architecture, respectively) who benefitted from Rotary scholarships made possible by the RC Gananoque and friends.
Because the Rotary Club of Gananoque has a long-time relationship with Rotary in Nepal (District 3292. Bruce Higgs, Doug Bickerton, Ron Casselman (Rotary Club of Gananoque) and Diane Kennedy  (RC Kingston) have all visited  Phulbari and Budol and personally know a number of Rotarians and Rotaract members with whom they have maintained regular communication.  
Based upon current communications, it is hoped that ShelterBox may be able to provide some help with shelter, however, the greater concern is the shortage of food and clothing as the rains begin. Water for drinking and cooking is not expected to be a problem as this community has lined water storage ponds and water filters, thanks to the help of RC Gananoque and friends. The other concern is the procurement of supplies to begin repairing and rebuilding.
We encourage you to donate what you can, to a reputable relief organization, and do research to find out where your money will go. If you can, compare a few organizations with aid appeals and ensure that you agree with their approach. If you wish to send donations to the Rotary Club of Gananoque, here is the information.
Rotary Club of Gananoque
c/o Bruce Higgs
        301 North Shore Rd. Howe Island
         R.R.#4, Gananoque ON Canada K7G2V6
Mark on the bottom of the cheque - Nepal Earth Quake