Posted by Sucha Mann, West Ottawa
In light of the recent changes and restrictions of the province of Ontario's shutdown decision, the DG group (Hadi and fellow DG's in neighbouring provinces) decided that we will extend the clean-up to start on April 24 and end on June 1st. That way if any group of 5 people decide to go out and do some clean-up, we are still complying with the province's decision.
All clubs in Ontario are advised. Clubs in Quebec and NY state are to follow their local laws and health authorities recommendations.
From 24-April (Coinciding with 22-April Earth day) to June 1, all Rotary districts around the Great Lakes and Watershed are doing cleanup in their area. RD7040 Environment Committee is gearing up to meet the 24-April challenge. We have a Google Drive Excel sheet containing info for each club, name of the club Environment coordinator, and name of site(s) the club will be cleaning up.
This is getting updated as we progress. This info is accessible for everyone to see, but updates will be done by Environment Committee members coordinating your geographical area.
RD7040 Environment Committee members coordinating in their geographical area for 24-April are:
  • Sucha Mann: : Coordinate for Ottawa area Rotary Club. PEO-Ottawa Chapter is sponsoring this event, and e-blast will be sent to all PEO Ottawa Chapter members to join hands with Rotary.
The Google Drive Excel is updated by the area coordinator for each geographical area. If required, local clubs can decide on any local parks on any waterfront or park.  Your club or local organization would be responsible for arranging waste/recycle bags to be collected.

We are requesting each Rotary club to have an environmental chair or coordinator for the 24-April cleanup. The Excel sheet has entry for each club for the following info:
  • Name of the club,
  • Environment Chair or club contact for 24-April
  • Selected cleanup site location, (if possible, not down the N/W location, for Rotary to map cleanup sites).
  • Municipality to pick up recyclables and waste bags from the sites.
  • Provider of cleanup bags (In Ottawa, the city will allocate sites, provide bags, club's coordinator will pick up bags from the nearest city location).   
  • Approximate number of volunteers expected.
Volunteers are to bring their own gloves, (pick up sticks if required), masks, sanitizers, water in refillable bottles, snack, (safety jackets if required).

Expect about 4-hours cleaning up efforts from 10 am to 2 pm.

After the cleanup, note down how many bags are collected, number of volunteers participated, and send this info to your geographical coordinator to enter in the data base. (This will measure the event performance).

Rotary Canada's insurance covers both “Rotary and non-Rotary” volunteers, as does Rotary USA insurance. 

Thanks for your energetic support to look after your Great Lakes & Watershed. We are receiving support from other likeminded organizations. Example: Professional Engineers Ontario-Ottawa Chapter is asking their members to join hands with Rotary volunteers for this clean up, and they have sponsored to get environment friendly cotton T-shirts made for the Ottawa area volunteers.