Posted by Dave Rooke, Ottawa-Stittsville
We are pleased to offer 'Preparations to be Together for an Unknown Period of Time' as our film for April 2021. The following link takes you to the landing page for the film where you can view the trailer and pre-order/purchase the film.
The film is available Sunday April 25 to Saturday May 1st. A portion of the purchase price ($12.00 including tax) will support the service projects of the Rotary Club of Ottawa-Stittsville.
Why watch this film?
This Hungarian film from writer director Lili Horvát takes us into the world of Márta, a 39 year old, renowned Hungarian-born neurosurgeon who has been practising in New Jersey. In Márta’s world, truth and illusion intersect, and that intersection makes for a complex and unconventional love story. Márta attends an oncology conference in the United States where she meets János, also Hungarian and practising neurosurgery in Budapest.  On impulse, Márta resigns from her New Jersey hospital position one month later and returns to her native Hungary to meet János on the Liberty Bridge in Budapest at a specified date and time. But János fails to appear, and Márta begins to wonder if she has imagined their earlier encounter.  She makes a bold move to relocate to Budapest, and to investigate her imaginings.
The movie takes us on Márta’s investigative journey.  The images are beautiful and evocative, and the movie is an exploration of magical thinking.   As the Guardian’s reviewer Mark Kermode writes, the film is “sinewy, seductive, and beautifully strange.”  And the movie’s ending is both unexpected and satisfying.
This film has achieved international recognition.  It was included in the 2020 TIFF programme, and was shown at the Venice, Zurich and Warsaw film festivals. “Preparations…”  is Hungary’s entry for Best International Film at the 2021 Academy Awards.  In addition, the film has received 8 film awards, listed on the imdb website.
Guardian review:  4/5
imdb Users Score: 6.7 (775 users)
Tomatometer (film reviewers/critics): 88%
Hungarian with English subtitles, 1 hour 35 minutes
A reminder that this film is available using the 'Eventive' platform. You will need to establish an account on the platform if you don't already have one. Payment will be done online.
If this is your first time viewing: test your viewing set-up and refer to the 'Need Help' section of the Eventive website if necessary. 

The film can be viewed anywhere in Canada.
Planning Ahead/Save the Date
Our May film will be the French comedy 'Perfumes' screening May 23rd to 29th. More info on this film next month!

Stay Safe and Enjoy Good Films.
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