A long time ago Gregory Bateson told the story: "There was once a man who had a computer, and he asked it, "Do you compute that you will ever be able to think like a human being?" And after assorted grindings and beepings, a slip of paper came out of the computer that said, "That reminds me of a story . . . " Computers no longer answer with slips of paper. But, the point that human beings are story tellers and story participants is universally true. Most decisions are informed by emotional response; and stories, not facts, generate emotional response.

Stories can be simple and powerful. In three acts:

  • Establish the context; state the problem.
  • Narrative—How does the main character works to overcome the problem.
  • End with a call to action.

There are other frameworks to hang a story on:

The Pixar Pitch
  • Once upon a time there was _________.
  • Every day _________.
  • One day _________.
  • Because of that _________.
  • Because of that _________.
  • Until finally _________.
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