Rotary Fellowships Month - June is designated as “Rotary Fellowships Month” by the RI Board to recognize the importance of international fellowship and good will among Rotarians with similar recreational interests, vocations, and health and medical issue-oriented interests, to promote increased participation in fellowships and increase understanding of this program.
The RI Board encourages fellowships groups to highlight activities through projects, activities, and events in celebration of “Rotary Fellowships Month” in June.
“Fellowship is wonderful; it illuminates life’s pathway, spreads good cheer, and is worth high price.”
-Rotary Founder Paul Harris
Rotary Fellowships are autonomous, international groups of Rotarians, Rotarian spouses, and Rotaractors who join together to: 
  • Share a common interest in worthwhile recreational activities (sports, hobbies, etc.) 
  • Further their vocational development through acquaintance with others of the same profession
  • Make new friends around the world 
  • Explore new opportunities for service 
  • Have fun and enhance their Rotary experience