Relationship, Relationship, Relationship

Like the real-estate phrase, "location, location, location" marketing's phrase "relationship, relationship, relationship" distils a time-honored truth.
Former District PR chair Chris Cochrane puts it this way: "The only proven way to get free media coverage in a large city is to make a friend of the editor(s) and owners." He suggests that clubs invite the owner and/or editor of a media outlet to speak to their club. "Treat the invitee like gold and constantly keep that person in the loop. Perhaps invite the owner to join the club after a successful talk." Chris advises.
With a large newspaper, a TV or radio station you can reach out beyond just the owner or editor. Reporters and TV/radio program hosts, or bloggers too, are gold. They will often be flattered to be invited to speak at a club meeting. Take pictures or video their talk and put it up on your club's Facebook page or YouTube channel. You then have a reason for a follow-up contact: to give them the URL of the post. Invite them to be a member.
A free one year subscription to the Rotarian or Rotary Canada magazine is a great way to keep any former speaker informed about Rotary. Ask if they would like to receive your club's bulletin or newsletter. Make your speaker gift more than just a pen; use it to inform and delight.
The goal is: when you call, text or email your media friend, they will answer back. The best of course is they call you first. For example, when your media contact wants some background on a high-profile Rotary project like ending Polio, they pick up the phone and call you, their Rotary contact and friend.


For more information contact District PR Chair Martha Weaver.