So, what is the Rotary Club of Iqaluit all about? The club is situated in the capital of the Nunavut Territory on Baffin Island in Frobisher Bay.  Originally, the Club met at the Frobisher Inn in 'downtown' Iqaluit but has since moved to the Legion.
You might be interested to know that their longest tenured member is Murray Horn who has Educational Administration as his classification.  Soon, Murray will be headed for points south as he retires and wants to be closer to his extended family in the Montreal area.  Their first female member was Eden Crout who joined as soon as women could!  Today, the has 34 active members of which Geoff Johnson is the newest. 
If you stopped someone on the street, they quickly respond that the Rotary Club of Iqaluit does a lot of good! The club is known for its Christmas Hampers for the needy, Elders' Dinner, Fall Fair for the kids, and more.  For their 25th Anniversary, over a decade ago, they establish Rotary Park which is used by residents when the weather is warmer for picnics and barbeques with families. Benches were established throughout the park and many come to view the Bay and wildlife.

If a Rotarian from one of the other 69 clubs wants to visit, they would suggest either coming to visit to do something with the club such as helping with Fall Fair in October or, if for a relaxing vacation, try April during Toonik time.  Not sure what that is?  Ask a member when you see them at the District Conference or the District Training Assembly or PETS....yes, they travel south to keep our connections strong!