We have raised over 14 thousand USD so far!

We need your help because Rotary is at risk of losing this year's full matching contribution to the Polio Fund from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The Rotary year ends 30 June so please donate now.
Join the district challenge! When Kingston area Rotarians learned of the funding shortfall, they generously offered to match personally any new Polio Fund contributions made by members of their clubs this Rotary year up to a total of $500. The club board then agreed to do the same. And then, other Rotarians joined the challenge. You can too!
Want to know which clubs are participating? Click here.
For more information about the Gates Foundation match and the addresses to mail checks...
The Gates Foundation matches donations to Rotary's Polio Fund 2 to 1 up to a $100 million USD annual contribution. Right now Rotarians are not expected to raise the $50 million needed to maximize the Gates Foundation's matching promise.
Because it is late in the 2018-19 year, it is best to donate online -- Your donation will be recorded on the date made -- but there is still time to mail a donation form and check.
The Rotary Foundation
14280 Collections Center Drive
Chicago, IL 60693, USA
The Rotary Foundation (Canada)
c/o 911600
P.O. Box 4090 STN A,
Toronto, ON M5W 0E9, Canada
To make a contribution by phone: 1-866-9ROTARY (1-866-976-8279)