The Rotary Citation recognizes Rotary clubs that support Rotary's strategic priorities by completing activities that make a club vibrant.
Is your club achieving these goals? Report the achievement and receive recognition you deserve. Here is how:
Achieve at least 3 of the following goals:
- Achieve a net gain of 1 member
- Maintain or improve your club’s retention of current and new members:
  • Improve your club’s retention rate by 1 percentage point or
  • If your club’s retention rate was 90 percent or more in 2017-18, maintain it
- Achieve a net gain in female members
- Have at least 60 percent of club members report their birth dates through My Rotary
- Sponsor or co-sponsor a new Rotary club
- Conduct a classification study of your members’ occupations, and work to align your membership with the mix of businesses and professions in your community
Achieve at least 3 of the following goals:
- Sponsor a Rotary Community Corps
- Sponsor or co-sponsor an Interact or Rotaract club
- Contribute at least $100 per capita to the Annual Fund
- Increase the number of members involved in service projects
- Hold an event to raise funds for, or to increase awareness of, Rotary’s work toward polio eradication
- Conduct a significant local or international service project in one of Rotary’s six areas of focus
Achieve at least 3 of the following goals:
- Post successful club projects, with details about activities, volunteer hours, and funds raised, on Rotary Showcase
- Use Rotary’s brand guidelines, templates, People of Action campaign materials, and related resources
- Arrange for the club’s members to talk with the media to tell your club’s, and Rotary’s, story
- Host an event for Rotary alumni, and highlight Rotary’s networking opportunities
- Continue or establish a partnership with a corporate, governmental, or nongovernmental entity and work on a project together
- Sponsor a Youth Exchange student or RYLA participant


Achieve these additional goals to receive a SILVER (1 goal), GOLD (2 goals), or PLATINUM (3 goals) Rotary Citation With Presidential Distinction.
- Achieve a net gain of 5 or more members
- Show how your club’s members are People of Action by promoting your club and its service activities on social media at least 4 times per month
- Initiate or continue a leadership, personal, or professional development program to enhance members’ skills and the value of their membership