Posted by Martha Spear
Not every club, nor every Rotarian, agrees that a proactive anti-racism statement is a necessity at this time in history.  Nevertheless, Rotary International has released a statement [1] asserting Rotary’s commitment to anti-racism.  Clubs can use this statement as inspiration for discussion, or a model for developing their own locally focused statement.
Some Rotarians may feel that they are not biased, but everyone has bias woven into themselves.  The Harvard Implicit Bias project [2] offers free online tests to help you uncover your hidden biases.   What do you do when a scientific test reveals you have a slight bias against a certain group?


Come discuss your experience and share your opinion, the 3rd Monday of every month, from 7-8 pm EST, at the District’s Committee on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.  You can find out more HERE. [4]

On January 21st there is a relevant and free webinar HERE [3] called “Stand up and Speak out: Inclusion is Everyone’s Responsibility.”

Martha Weaver, the DEI committee chair, said, "Under DG Hadi Mortada's lead our district has taken the initiative to create a task force committee that addresses racism and other issues of equity and diversity, with a commitment to an ever more inclusive Rotary."
Finally, here is the link to the recording of the District Conference presentation on equity and inclusion: