When was the last time your club did a member satisfaction survey? RI has a very formal one which can take some work to analyze.  See https://www.rotary.org/myrotary/en/document/618 - 18-Apr-2013 There are lots of good ideas on how to evaluate your club.
Everybody likes to be asked for their opinion so find an easy way.  How about three questions:
  1. How would you rate the weekly meeting?  Fair…Good… Very Good…Excellent.  Any suggestions are appreciated:  __________________________________________ .
  2. Please rate the clubs service projects:  not enough….good balance of resources…… some times too much.  Any Suggestions:   _________________________________________ .
  3. Why did you join Rotary?  _____________________ and does your Club meet your expectations?   100%......75%....50%..... 25%
Explain your answer:   ___________________________________ ____________________________________________________.
The survey can be a starter of several club discussions. You can form groups to discuss and then summarize their consensus to the entire club.  Make up your own questions.  Use Survey Monkey or whatever.
The important thing is to ask for opinions, draw some conclusions, feed back to the club and take appropriate action.  Having satisfied your members is important.