Voting on the composition of the nominating committee is over. The new policy was adopted with 53 votes in favor and 1 against. The new procedures for membership of the Nominating Committee are as follows:


Nominating Committee – shall select the District Governor-Nominee and the Vice Governor for the upcoming Rotary year. The Committee will be composed of the three (3) most immediate Past District 7040 Governors; two (2) Area Governors who have completed a minimum of two years; and one (1) Past President, all of whom are available and active at the District level. It is strongly recommended at least one be fluent in French.  The District Governor will put a call out for qualified Nominating Committee members, act as Chair, and only vote in the case of a tie.  The District Governor-Elect and District Governor-Nominee shall observe the interview, voice opinions during the discussion period but not participate in the consensus vote.  Members of this committee should serve for no more than three one-year terms (as per Rotary Code of Policies 17.040.2).