Posted by Jean-Guy St-Arnaud, Rotary Club of Hull
On September 15, 1921, the Rotary Club of Hull held its first informal meeting. The club received its charter two months later, sponsored by the Ottawa Rotary Club. Its first president was George Doyon, an insurance executive. The charter celebrated at a banquet on February 22, 1922.
In 2021, the Rotary Club of Hull, Quebec, celebrates once again — and not just its centennial. Last year, our Rotarian friend and colleague Edmond Lanthier celebrated his 50th anniversary as a member of the Rotary Club of Hull. This is a remarkable achievement that deserves to be highlighted.
Edmond Lanthier was born in Ottawa in 1934 and completed his graduate studies in Hull. Later, he attended the Royal Military College of Saint-Jean and the University of Ottawa where he obtained a Bachelor of Commerce degree in 1959. He was awarded the Chartered Accountant's degree in 1962. In 1982, he pursued courses in pedagogy and business administration (MBA) at the Université du Québec à Montréal.
A professor and businessman, Edmond has taught various subjects related to management and accounting at several school levels — high school, technical, college and university. He practiced accounting in a practice and individually for 14 years. He was also a dealer in two automobile dealerships for about ten years.
Committed to the community, Edmond has served with devotion in several charitable and economic organizations. But among these organizations, Edmond's heart had its favorites: Rotary and the Air Cadet League of Canada (Quebec and the Outaouais).
Edmond joined the Rotary Club of Hull in 1970, and his fellow Rotarians soon realized that this recruit was highly motivated by club activities. He gained the trust of his friends and was chosen to serve as treasurer. On several occasions, he occupied the chair of the president. He gives his time without counting for all the activities of the club, both at the social level and at the charitable level.
Not only does Edmond want to be a valuable asset to the Hull club, but he is also interested and involved at the district level. He participates in several district committees — the Ambassadorial Scholarship, Study Group Exchange, Rotaract, Finance, Legislation, Mentor at the Foundation, Polio Plus — while providing support to other clubs.
It is therefore no surprise that he is found twice (1995-1996 and 2007-2008) Governor of District 7040. He also served District 7040 as head of a study group exchange mission in France in 1993. He represented district in the Council of Legislation in Chicago in 2004 and 2007.
I cannot mention in this text all the actions our friend Edmond has taken to advance Rotary and its work over the past 50 years. Please believe me, it has been great.
In 1962, Edmond married Suzie Bourcier. During her 26- year career, she taught children of mental handicaps. Suzie and Edmond did not have children, but they devoted their life to the improvement of the living conditions of the unfortunate and disadvantaged people.