I'd like to share with all clubs in District 7040 a few ideas that your club members might like to consider.  Below is a message sent to Rotary Club of West Ottawa members this morning. Many members have already acted upon it. Your club members might also consider donating their meeting fees:
"I was just thinking that an act of kindness we can each do as Rotarians is to donate the money we would normally pay for meeting fees from our cancelled meetings to food banks/food centres. For Rotary Club West Ottawa members this would currently be $78/person. With ~ 40-48 members attending each week that would generate somewhere between $3,120 - $3,744 cash.
Everyone can do so online.
Our usual 3 that we support from West Ottawa are:
Parkdale Food Centre https: //parkdalefoodcentre. ca/ OR https: //www. canadahelps. org/en/dn/11187 (Canada Helps direct url)
Heron Emergency Food http://hefc.ca/ (you can donate directly on their website)
Ottawa Food Bank https://www. ottawafoodbank.ca/ (looks like a direct donation on their website also)
Worth consideration? I've just donated my $78. Will you?
In the donation comment line I stated: “I am donating what I normally would pay for my Rotary Club of West Ottawa meeting fee for 3 cancelled meetings.” 
Clubs can tailor the above message to suit the needs in your area. Our club President Pardeep also suggested "donations can be made to other options, these include but are not limited to:
  • the RI Foundation or the PolioPlus Fund (by cheque to the Club, or on-line through MyRotary);
  • the RCWO Foundation (by cheque to the Club, or through CanadaHelps.org – navigate to the West Ottawa Foundation page);
  • the Ottawa Rotary Home (cheque by mail, or phone to make a credit card payment); or
  • your local church- or temple-based charitable activities."
Again the above can be tailored to your local area.
DG Gerry also had an idea, that as District Literacy Chair, I am very supportive of:
"In addition to donating money to food pantries or food centers, I would think if you were able to donate children's books that would be a great help.
Many children who no longer can go to school or do other things like sports, etc would greatly benefit."
Yours in Rotary Service,
Linda M. Flynn
Rotary Club of West Ottawa
Dictionary4Life Chair
District 7040 Literacy Chair
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