How to do on-line meetings:
  • Option 1-Canvas your club and determine if any of your members have access to an on line platform like Zoom or GoToMeeting.  If so you are all set. Assuming they are willing to help, ask them to schedule the meeting and send invitations, via email, to everyone in your club along with your speaker.  As for speakers.....I have created a list of Rotarians, to include myself, who are willing to speak at an online meeting. Just contact them directly to set up a date/time, see below.
  • Option 2- Zoom
Regular Rotary Clubs
  1. Basic Version-Free- 40 min limitation, up to 100 participants.
    1. US & Canada: There you can sign up but note there is a 40 minute limitation on session.  However here is a trick.  If you stop a meeting say at 35 minutes and everyone drops off and logs back in..... the clock restarts and you have another 40 minutes.
  2. Pro version- Main advantages are no time limitation and sessions can accommodate over 100 participants at a time.
    1. US & CA.... Zoom offers a Rotary Discount through its Global rewards website.  There is a 20% discount.  
      1. $14.99/month US and
      2. $12.49 avg/month US if paying for 1 year (annually)
      3. Same in Canada. My price was $119.92 US for a year. Converted to Canadian last May it was $166.11. Right now it would be $167.24.
    2.  Notes:
      1. You have to use a credit card to pay
      2. They will continue to charge your card either monthly or annually until cancelled.
For general questions and resources on using Zoom, please refer to the links below: - FAQ in reference to Zoom - Short Videos that cover the basics of using Zoom. - Sign up to attend Live Trainings OR watch pre-recorded sessions.
Rotary Clubs US 501c3 and Canadian Rotary clubs with a foundation and registered as a non-profit - Processed/approved see note below.
Another Zoom option for any clubs with a charitable Foundation, is to register with TechSoup. 
                Canadian Clubs. 
Zoom Meetings Pro Plan Bundle, 1-Year Subscription – Access to Discounted Rates
US Clubs
Zoom Meetings Pro Plan Bundle, 1-Year Subscription – Access to Discounted Rates 
Note: The TechSoup Canada program is open to charities, libraries and non-profits
  • Canadian charities must be registered with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)
  • Canadian nonprofits must be registered with their provinces or territories, or federally with Industry Canada
Cisco Webex ( is another platform that will enable clubs to run large, no time limit meetings.  It's a robust platform used by many IT companies. We just held our first online meeting last night.  We overcame a few issues with anti-virus initially blocking some downloads. It's free for up to 100 people, no time limit.
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