Following my DG Message in the August 2023 District Bulletin on Human Trafficking Awareness, and in light of the American National Human Trafficking Awareness Day/Month (January 11) and the Canadian National Human Trafficking Awareness Day (February 22), District 7040 is coordinating the following series of hybrid events on this important issue:
Wednesday, January 24 @ 7:00 pm (Hybrid Meeting)
Rotary Club Cornwall-Sunrise & Hawkesbury
Kickoff to Creating an Anti-Human Trafficking Awareness Series
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Meeting ID: 828 6586 4753
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Wednesday, February 7 @7:00am(Hybrid Meeting)
Rotary Club Cornwall-Sunrise & Hawkesbury
Anti-Human Trafficking Awareness Series
Kim Derry - The Global Resource Epicenter Against Human Trafficking (GREAT)
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Thursday, February 22 @ 7PM EST

Join us as we share all the amazing work RAGAS in Canada has been doing and how you can be a part of making a lasting difference in your club, your community, and your country by standing with us. 

During the webinar we will hear from RAGAS representatives such as: Dave McLeary and Barb Evoy.
Together they will discuss the amazing opportunities that can be provided through global and district grants to help us fight this horrific crime, and explain what you can do to affect positive change here and now.

Zoom Invitation for February 22 at 7pm EST 

Meeting ID: 864 1571 7901 

Passcode: 35701

Please RSVP for the webinar, so we can anticipate your attendance:

Given the importance and pervasiveness of this often under - recognized but growing social issue within our area, which has profound impacts on individuals, families, and communities, I encourage all Clubs in the District to dedicate one of their upcoming Club meetings to enhancing members’ awareness of Human Trafficking by: 
  • Inviting a community organization as a guest speaker to provide information on local Human Trafficking issues;
  • Selecting one of the two remaining dates above to host a District-wide hybrid Club event on Human Trafficking;
  • Encouraging Club members to watch our District’s November 20, 2023, Learning & Development session on Human Trafficking at:
  • Encouraging our membership to watch the movie “The Sound of Freedom” (available on Amazon Prime TV and YouTube);
  • Promoting Human Trafficking awareness on social media using the hashtags: #canadacan #endhumantrafficking #endslavery
All of the developing information of these events are posted on the District’s website along with the corresponding Zoom links:
Our District’s Anti-Human Trafficking Champions - Linda Bissonette and Sheila Tallon - will follow up with each Club President shortly after this email for further support and resources.
Thank you for your time with this important topic.
Rotarians are People of Action, and we can and will act to help eradicate modern slavery and human tracking. By so doing, we can help to improve the physical and mental well-being of millions of people around the world, including in our own communities, and help Create Hope in the World.
We suggest that one goal for new club Presidents is to bring new perspectives and hope to your members as well as including the critical conversations of Human Trafficking (HT) happening in your communities.  
Human Trafficking, not to be confused with Human Smuggling, is not a big-town issue but an EVERY-town issue, especially for those in Seaway-East communities along the Highway 401 corridor.  The Rotary Club of Cornwall-Sunrise has been actively sounding the alarm on this issue since 2017 when Past-President Sheila Tallon became a Rotarian.  As well as devoting meetings to, and hosting speakers from various local agencies that are directly involved in HT, the Rotary Club of Cornwall-Sunrise has partnered with local police agencies, hospitals, social services, gas stations and even the local Starbucks for various Human Trafficking education and awareness campaigns. The Rotary Club of Cornwall-Sunrise also provided financial support and volunteers for all five Annual Human Trafficking Conferences held in Cornwall.  The club continues to be a member of the Human Trafficking Taskforce of S.D.G. & A as public education and provision of safe housing for victims are an integral part of combatting this issue. 
We are glad to announce that in District 7040 we now have two Human Trafficking Champions: Linda Bissonnette (RC Hawkesbury) and Sharyn Duffey (RC Cornwall-Sunrise).  Clubs and Rotarians across District 7040 can contact these leaders for more HT information and/or initiatives. 
#canadacan #endhuantrafficking #endslavery
Photo displays/ Dans le photo:
Sheila Tallon, Past-President (2020-2021), Rotary Club of Cornwall-Sunrise and Co-chair, Human Trafficking Taskforce of S.D.G. & A.
Martin Nadon, Past-President (2018-2019), Rotary Club of Cornwall-Sunrise
Lambia Karitsiotis, Director of Training Information, Global Resource Epicentre Against Trafficking (GREAT)
Félicitations à tous les nouveaux/-elle président(e)s de club du district 7040 et du monde entier! Cela vous amène un peu proche de votre gouverneur de secteur, de votre gouverneur de district, du Rotary International et de la Fondation Rotary.  Nous suggérons que l'un des objectifs des nouveaux/-elle président(e)s de club soit d'apporter de nouvelles perspectives et de l'espoir à vos membres, ainsi que d'inclure les conversations critiques sur la traite personnes qui se déroulent dans vos communautés.
La traite des personnes, ne faut pas confondre avec le passage de clandestins, n'est pas un problème de grande ville, mais un problème de TOUTES les villes, en particulier des communautés de Seaway Est le long de l'autoroute 401.  Depuis 2017, le club Rotary de Cornwall-Sunrise tire la sonnette d'alarme à ce sujet, lorsque la présidente sortante Sheila Tallon est devenue Rotarienne.  En plus de consacrer des réunions et d'accueillir des conférenciers de diverses agences locales qui sont directement impliquées dans la traite des personnes, le club Rotary de Cornwall-Sunrise s'est associé à des services de police locaux, des hôpitaux, des services sociaux, des stations-service et même le Starbucks à Cornwall pour divers éducation et sensibilisation à la traite des personnes.  Le club Rotary de Cornwall-Sunrise a également fourni un soutien financier et des bénévoles pour les cinq conférences annuelles sur la traite des personnes tenues à Cornwall. Le club continue d'être membre du groupe de travail sur la traite des personnes de S.D.G. & A car l'éducation du public et la fourniture d'un logement sûr aux victimes font partie intégrante de la lutte contre ce problème.
Nous sommes heureux d'annoncer que dans le district 7040, nous avons maintenant deux championnes de la traite des personnes: Linda Bissonnette (RC Hawkesbury) et Sharyn Duffey (RC Cornwall-Sunrise). Les clubs et les Rotariens du District 7040 peuvent contacter ces dirigeants pour plus d'informations et/ou des initiatives.
#canadacan #endhuantrafficking #endslavery