Can I please express my great appreciation to all those friends from right around the world who have offered kindness and support to Australia as we suffer these terrible fires. It helps enormously to know that you are thinking of us. Rotary Australia World Community Service (RAWCS) has a fund supporting bushfire recovery through which you can donate from outside Australia. Put into your browser and follow the blue "Donate Now" button.
It is not quite as easy as it should be to donate, but the trick is to ensure that on the second page in the address section, where it shows "State", all those from outside Australia need to choose the last option, which is "outside Australia". Then it should accept any district number. Thanks again!
“The lesson from this report is clear: volunteer service is not only a feel-good calling—it may provide one of the more powerful, and one of the more fulfilling, avenues through which to reach the ambitious United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.”
~ Lester M. Salamon

Happy New Year.... may all of us have a successful new year for us personally, our families and with Rotary. This month, I want to talk about an important part of Rotary- Fundraising.

Fundraising 2.0
Goal: This month I want to discuss, with the help of the District Fundraising Chair John Prim, the Art of Fundraising and how to do it more efficiently.  Members of the DG Stream, DGE Hadi Mortada and DGN Fay Campbell are committed to helping clubs be more successful at fundraising in the most efficient manner possible.
The challenges to having a successful fundraiser have become more daunting than in the past.  Some clubs are shrinking and have aging membership, others see a decline in the number of active members and most clubs have some members who snowbird in warmer climates.  For all these reasons, and many more not mentioned, running a successful fundraiser seems to become more difficult with each passing year. 

These issues, coupled with the fact younger members prefer doing hands on projects vs selling tickets, auctions, pancake days and other traditional fundraisers puts a lot of pressure on clubs when they want to raise money for the Foundation, Polio, Youth and local and international community programs/projects.
Some clubs have already taken steps to counteract these issues.  Some of their ideas are as follows:
  • consolidating fundraisers especially with clubs who are participating in President’s Councils, 
  • recruiting more outside workers to assist with events
    • Rotaract/Interact members and
    • past club members or
    • friends of Rotary
    • and soliciting support from organizations who benefit from Rotary fundraising efforts. 
These steps are proving beneficial but there is something else we can also do to help Rotarians.
That is why one of our District goals this year is to come up with strategies that will make fundraisers more successful and, therefore allow clubs to reduce the number of events needed each year.
Seaway West Area will be hosting its third consecutive RYLA on 29-31 May 2020. This year’s program will build upon the last two very successful programs. The program will focus on three key components – developing leadership skills, building a group project to be implemented upon return and networking and fellowship.
La Région “Seaway West” accueillera son troisième RYLA consécutif du 29 au 31 mai 2020. Le programme de cette année représentera une amélioration continue basé sur les deux derniers programmes très réussis. Le programme se concentrera sur trois composantes clé – le développement des attributs d’un chef de file, le développement d’un projet de groupe à être exécuté sur le retour et le développement de réseau professionnel et amical.
Reducing Infant and Maternal Deaths in Zimbabwe
The Rotary Club of Ottawa is working with the Sunnybrook Health Center in Toronto and the Harare Dawn Rotary Club, Zimbabwe, to arrange for the shipment of 32 infant incubators to Harare for installation at the main hospital. These have been donated by Sunnybrook and have been packed into 3 shipping containers. The Harare hospital lost their infant incubators in a fire earlier this year. The transportation cost is CAD$24,000 and the Rotary Club of Ottawa is anxious to work with interested Rotary Clubs to have the incubators shipped in January of 2020. 
Pour réduire la mortalité infantile et maternelle au Zimbabwe
Le Club Rotary d’Ottawa collabore avec le Centre des sciences de la santé Sunnybrook de Toronto et le Club Rotary Harare Dawn, au Zimbabwe, pour organiser l’envoi de 32 incubateurs pour nouveau-nés destinés au principal hôpital de Harare. Don du Centre Sunnybrook, ces incubateurs ont été placés dans trois conteneurs d’expédition. L’hôpital de Harare a perdu ses incubateurs lors d’un incendie au début de l’année. Les frais de transport s’élèvent à 24 000 $CAN et le Club Rotary d’Ottawa aimerait grandement que d’autres clubs Rotary lui prêtent main forte afin que les incubateurs puissent être livrés en janvier 2020.
Crate Packing Day with Volunteer Firefighters – Toronto, Canada June 2019
Mise en caisse des incubateurs par des pompiers bénévoles – Toronto, Canada, juin 2019.
Incubators stored in 20 ft. container…ready to ship June 2019. Just waiting for our help to make it happen.
En juin 2019, les incubateurs sont entreposés dans des conteneurs de 20 pi … prêts à être expédiés. Il ne nous reste plus qu’à financer leur expédition.

Every three minutes a child is born with a cleft lip or cleft palate. It is one of the most common birth defects, affecting 1 in 700 births across the globe. When left untreated, it can lead to serious health issues such as difficulty speaking, dental problems, ear infections, and difficulty eating and swallowing which can lead to malnutrition and even starvation. In addition, because of their facial differences, these children are socially isolated, teased and bullied. Without corrective surgery, over 90% of children born with cleft lip and/or cleft palate will not live to see their 20th birthday.

As of 5 Dec. 2019, there are 37 PHS members in our district and 9 have contributed $1,000 US or more to The Rotary Foundation this Rotary year.  As a reminder if you wish to receive a tax deduction for 2019, we hope you submitted your donation by 31 Dec. 2019. For Dec. 2019 it takes $1,330 CAD to equal $1,000 US.
En date du 5 décembre 2019, il y avait 37 membres de la PHS dans notre district et 9 ont contribué un montant de 1000$ US ou plus à la Fondation Rotary cette année rotarienne. Nous aimerions vous rappeler que si vous aimeriez recevoir une déduction fiscale pour 2019 vous devez soumettre votre don avant le 31 décembre 2019. En décembre 2019, un montant de 1330$ CAD équivaut à 1000$ US.

Theresa Rotary, a North Country staple in North Jefferson County since 1946 is proud to announce a $500 dollar donation to the Theresa Primary BackPack Program.  Theresa Rotary has been participating in the Indian River Backpack Program as a Water Station sponsor for the Annual BackPack Run held each September in the scenic Land of Lakes as the township of Theresa is known, since its inception in 2015.  So when the Theresa Rotary found out that the Theresa Primary will not be a recipient of the Indian River Backpack Program till the Fall of 2020 and this meant there were 100s of children and families in the township of Theresa which were in need of a backpack of food over weekends and holidays in order to help the students of these families reach their full potential at school and in their community.


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